Arrive Alive by Michael Furniss

Brand: RSVP Publishing

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A survival bible on safer air travel for tourists and business travellers

Why you need this book…
- You could pay less for your next air ticket.
- You could triple your free baggage allowance
- You will travel more comfortably
- You will travel more safely
- You will have questions answered and fears erased
- It will entertain you en route
- It will tell you how to recover your aircraft from hijackers
- It will teach you how to land your Boeing 747

The book is entertaining, funny, serious and informative and essentially a survival bible for air travellers.
-Hawkes Bay Today
Exporters who clock up the miles will enjoy flying-related tips, from cabin baggage to handling a hijacker, interspersed with plenty of forthright, theatrical storytelling.
— NZ Export Magazine
A survival bible on safer air ..
$19.95 Ex Tax: $19.95

Biotech Time-Bomb by Scott Eastham

Brand: RSVP Publishing

Product Code: 9780958218221

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How genetic engineering could irreversibly change our world.

Decisions we make today on genetic engineering may well have irreversible repercussions for the future of all life on Earth. The effects of GE have the potential to be cumulatively catastrophic, and to affect all future generations.

Once the genetic genie is out of the bottle (or the lab), there’s no putting it back. Yet it is difficult for ordinary people to evaluate or even take seriously because its effects are, at present, by and large invisible without a microscope. 

Genetic engineering is a biological time-bomb, and the fuse is already ticking…

The winner of a prestigious ecology literature award offered by Fordham Univerity, USA.

"This is not just a technical book about the horrors of GE, seen in isolation from other horrors, but a highly erudite and superbly written critique of the ‘modern Western scientific mentality’"

— Edward Goldsmith, founder of The Ecologist

How genetic engineering could ..
$19.95 Ex Tax: $19.95

From the Blitz to the Burmese Jungle and Beyond by Karen McMillan

Brand: McKenzie Publishing

Product Code: 9780473374310

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One man’s memoir of World War II, which took him from the Blitz to the jungles of Burma, to the devastation of Hiroshima. New Zealander Brian Hennessy’s story is published for the first time.

‘I consider myself lucky to have survived the global carnage still myself – a reluctant soldier who had to go to war, who only ever wanted peace for everyone.’ Brian Hennessy

Born in Germany to English parents, Brian Hennessy came from a family who served in the army. He was seventeen years old and living in London when war broke out. He experienced the Blitz first-hand as his role as a volunteer ‘roof-spotter’, trying to establish if the planes flying over were German or English. Brian joined the British Army and upon graduating, he became the youngest armament artificer. What follows is a true adventure story as Brian journeys via South Africa to India and the remote jungles of Burma. Danger was always present, but this is a memoir that reveals Brian’s love of nature and his interactions with the local people – stories that are sometimes humorous, at other times poignant. At the end of the war, he took advantage of the chaos at the time, and he boarded a ship and went to Japan. There he saw first-hand the devastation at Hiroshima.

Brian immigrated to New Zealand after the war and lived there until his death aged ninety-two, but he never forgot his extraordinary war adventures. This is his story, published for the first time.

'I found New Zealander Brian Hennessy's World War Two memoir a fascinating read, humorous and poignant in parts...Choosing established author Karen McKenzie to ghost write his memoir considerably contributed to its quality. It is at treasure for his family and generations to come as well as a fascinating read for a wider audience.' Lyn Potter, Grownups.

$34.95 Ex Tax: $34.95

Red Dust Over Shanghai by Tyl von Randow

Brand: Eunoia Literature

Product Code: 9780994104779

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Imagine the flipside of Empire of the Sun.

A German boy grows up in Shanghai’s International Settlement in the shadow of World War II. He is the son of a diplomat and lives a sheltered, privileged life.
But his world is changing. It is the time of the Japanese occupation, Chennault’s Flying Tigers, the atom bomb, the Japanese surrender and Mao’s Red Army gathering in the hills.

The family flees Red China and in 1952 finds a new home in New Zealand. The boy is fourteen. Sixty years later he dusts off his memories and writes them down. This memoir tells of the personal loss and change that those crossfire times bring to the boy’s family. It also tells of the love and courage that help him through.

Imagine the flipside of Empire..
$38.00 Ex Tax: $38.00

Vineyard Virgins by Kim Goldwater

Brand: RSVP Publishing

Product Code: 9780473231477

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When Kim and Jeanette Goldwater planted their first tiny vineyard on a couple of hillside acres on the magical island of Waiheke, just 15 miles east of Auckland City, all the leading experts warned them that grapes would not grow in that inclement salt-laden environment.

The Goldwaters, both 4th generation New Zealanders, had no experience of winemaking, but doggedly persisted with their island experiment and eventually proved the sceptics wrong by winning numerous international awards for their wines.

This success encouraged them to expand their enterprise,  
first into Marlborough and then into the Hawkes Bay,  to eventually become one of New Zealand’s largest and most prestigious winegrowers.
In this story, Kim Goldwater relates just how this couple of ingenuous Kiwi battlers succeeded in creating a 
world-renowned winegrowing enterprise on that remote little antipodean island. 

He captures the passion, optimism and determination in overcoming the numerous obstacles thrown in their path by the vagaries of the weather, the experts and the bureaucracy.

Not only did they succeed in their endeavour, but flourished – against all odds – the reality of their enterprise far exceeding their dream. Vineyard Virgins chronicles their fascinating and inspiring journey.
- Bob Campbell, MW

"An extraordinary journey involving great risk, extreme hard work and dogged tenacity.  A must read for anyone who has ever felt a twinge of envy for the lifestyle of a winemaker..."

When Kim and Jeanette Goldwate..
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Vision of Maui by Joyce Paraone Hemana

Brand: RSVP Publishing

Product Code: 9780958218276

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Matakite-o-Maui is in fact a very ancient system of divination for prophesy used by the Maori seers and prophets. It is created around Maui-tikitiki-a-Te Ranga, otherwise known as Maui, a demi-god, a hero by his many feats, and also an ancient ancestor to Maori.

Accounts of Maui’s life are portrayed in the form of twelve myths which describe the deeds and useful devices he created to benefit mankind, and these are portrayed in the divination rite using beautifully illustrated Tarot cards.

“In having spent a great part of my life undertaking prophesy readings for others using mainly the conventional tarot cards, I was naturally very excited to discover a traditional Maori form of divination, and even more keen to revive it into a usable form for application into today’s world,” writes Joyce Paraone Hemana.

"Hemana revives the ancient form of divination for modern times to use for seeking direction, guidance and prophesy. You can either choose the traditional method of sea shells, or use the set of 12 pictorial cards, representing the myths of Maui (which come with the book), beautifully illustrated by Jane Rushton."
— Rainbow News

Matakite-o-Maui is in fact a v..
$19.95 Ex Tax: $19.95
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