Mansfield with Monsters by Matt and Debbie Cowens

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The untold stories of a New Zealand icon.

Katherine Mansfield is one of New Zealand’s most famous and influential writers. While her work is well known, many will be surprised to learn that the ‘accepted’ versions of her stories are often pale reflections of the original manuscripts. For the first time that Mansfield’s vision of the supernatural has been published in full – a dream that she often spoke of in her correspondence with occultist Aleister Crowley and American author H. P. Lovecraft. Matt and Debbie Cowens have pieced together recently recovered fragments of her work, recreating Mansfield’s beloved tales as they were first written, complete with vampires, ghouls, and alien monsters. These versions will delight those in the literary community who always suspected that there was more to Mansfield’s work than we had Genre: mash up / science fiction / fantasy been led to believe.

Winner of the 2013 Sir Julius Vogel Award for best collected work

Named one of the New Zealand Listener’s 100 best books of 2012

“To put it simply, Mansfield with Monsters is quite brilliant.”
- Herald on Sunday
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