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The Seed by Florence Kiss

The Seed by Florence Kiss
The Seed by Florence Kiss
The Seed is the first and only English edition of Florence Kiss'€™s prize-winning French novel 'Seuls€™'.

When the lights go out and the world ceases to exist after thermonuclear war - when all order breaks down and the last remnants of the human race mutate into unrecognisable creatures, half-man, half-beast -€“ what, if anything, can survive?

In the flick of an eye while the southern hemisphere sleeps and the northern half is watching '€˜One Man Too Many'€™, the favourite TV show on the planet, the Earth becomes an eternal reminder of Man'€™s sin. Its vanished cities, evaporated seas and irradiated fauna and flora cover the petrified surface with a carpet of ashes. Living and material humanity melt into the ground that once sheltered life.

What will be the meaning of life in this emptiness, in a world that has retrieved its primal nudity, its original darkness? A world like the handful of survivors left - desolate at still being alive without love, beauty, food or drink to sustain them - until one survivor unearths the seed.

In this unique, prize-winning novel for the 21st Century, Florence Kiss issues an astonishing wake-up call which nevertheless leaves space for hope.

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