• The Spell of Morpheus by Julia Sutherland
The Spell of Morpheus - a story of women and drugs in one New Zealand town - was adapted by author Julia Sutherland 
from her psychology thesis while she was a PhD student at Otago University.

She describes the novel as "a journey in and out of a fairytale"€, and she based the book around the extended interviews that she made with 10 women from the Methadone Clinic.The subtext of the novel is concerned with the incongruities of current drug legislation, and the morality and hypocrisy of what'€™s legal and what'€™s not.

"Based on author Julia Sutherland's PhD thesis about the drug scene, especially as it affects mothers and their parenting, and interviews with women recruited from the Methadone Clinic, the book aims to explore and make sense of the drug culture as a mythical world." - Otago Daily Times

The Spell of Morpheus by Julia Sutherland

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