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The Wind City by Summer Wigmore

The Wind City by Summer Wigmore
The Wind City by Summer Wigmore
Wellington. The wind city. New Zealand'€™s home of art and culture, but darker forces, forgotten forces, are starting to reappear.
Aotearoa'€™s displaced gods and monsters -€“ the patupaiarehe, taniwha, and ponaturi of legend - have decided to make Wellington their home, and while some have come looking for love, others have arrived in search of blood.
A war is coming, and few can stand in their way. Saint (lovably fearless, temporarily destitute, currently unable to find a shirt) may be our only hope. Tony, suddenly unemployed and potentially a taniwha herself, has little choice but to accept the role her bloodline dictates. And Hinewai, who fell with the rain? If she can't find her one true love, there'€™s a good chance that none will live to see the morning.

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