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Brand: Beatnik Model: 9780992264802
A Little ABC Book has poems and pictures for little people, chosen by little people. Over 26 weeks, littlies in the community voted on an animal for all 26 letters of the alphabet. Each letter then got its own enchanting poem and illustration by Jenny Palmer, until a little book&..
Brand: RSVP Publishing Model: 9780987658777
Abigail's world is full of colour and possibility as each day she explores new characters through creative outfits designed in her treehouse. But will Sally Pepper next door manage to convince Abigail that being a grown-up is better?Find out in this delightful rhyming story by New Zealand author Lat..
Brand: Beatnik Model: 9780994120557
Capsicum, Capsi Go... on holiday!Follow Capsi's adventures in this delightful and amusing tale from acclaimed cartoonist Toby Morris.SOFTCOVER: 32 pages..
Brand: Dragon Brothers Model: 978047349762
Book One of the Dragon Brothers Picture Book TrilogyWhen a passing dragon decides to swipe their dog Coco, brothers Flynn and Paddy decide they should do something about it. In the dead of night they pack their bags, make some terrible sandwiches and, setting off before dawn, embark on a rescue miss..
Brand: Dragon Brothers Model: 9780473301019
Book Three of the Dragon Brothers Picture Book TrilogyThe Dragon Riders has arrived! How did the boys go from knowing absolutely nothing about dragons to having one for a pet? It's getting harder and harder to hide Elton John (they found the name on one of their grandparents' old records) under the ..
Brand: Beatnik Model: 9780473212896
Alofa and Filipo want to learn Gagana Samoa!At bedtime, they ask Mummy and Daddy: "Can you teach us to say thank you?" The answers to their questions introduce readers to the Samoan language and to Alofa and Filipo's family and culture.How Do You Say "Thank You"? is the first book in the Navigator s..
Brand: Beatnik Model: 9780992264826
I Am Doodle Cat is a cheerful children's book here to encourage imagination, celebration of the things you love and finding the magic in silliness. Written by Kat Patrick with delightful illustrations by Lauren Marriott, this book shows a tomato-red Doodle Cat rejoicing in e..
Brand: Little Love Model: 9780473471361
SPECIAL OFFER - Was $19.90, Now $9.90Ready, Set, Go! is a transport book for Kiwi kids. Featuring ten heritage New Zealand transport items from MOTAT’s collection, this fun read-aloud story also includes amazing facts about New Zealand’s transport history. Fly a plane or drive a car:Transport t..
$9.90 $19.90
Brand: Beatnik Model: 9780992264819
Release the Beast is a fun and quirky picture book in which a child responds to his frustrations by unleashing his imaginary beast. Examining the emotion of anger in a positive and humorous way that children will relate to, Release the Beast is a gre..
Model: 9780958218207
A beautifully poetic tale masterfully written and illustrated by two beloved figures of New Zealand children's literature. When the wind blows across the firth, the white horses rear up and gallop into the night. I feel the pattern of the hoof-beats in my dreams and know that I must go with the..
Brand: Beatnik Model: 9780994120519
See Play Do is a children's activity annual which encourages open-ended creative play with 3- to 10-year-olds. It is a collaboration between creatives of all ages; from chefs to scientists to 5-year-olds, and is filled with fun ideas – make glitter playdough and dress a dinosaur in your own c..
Brand: Twinkling Books Model: 9780994138712
In poetic language, this book tells a story about understanding and tolerance. Mr Pang lives on the east side of the river and Mr Shou lives on the west. The black smoke and white smoke float gently up into the air towards each other...and things start to change...They argue over trivial things..
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