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Australasian & Pacific history

Brand: New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd Model: 9781869664787
The story of the 19th century New Zealand Wars, a part of New Zealand's history that many people wish they knew more about. The book describes how the wars came about, where and when they were fought, who was involved, and how they affected women and children. It explains the emergence of Kingitanga..
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Brand: Oratia Media Model: 9780947506483
Sea Edge: Where the Waitemata touches Auckland tells the story of Auckland's harbour and varied waterfront in a handsome, heavily illustrated hardback. Well-known author and historian Bob Harvey vividly illustrates the key role that the port and harbour have played in the development of New Zealand'..
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Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473323974
The diverse and desolate country that makes up Mt White Station has held an irresistible allure for men for decades. Many have committed themselves to the extreme weather and isolation of the place only to finally admit defeat, while others have endured, raising families and forming bonds with their..
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Brand: Oratia Media Model: 9780947506285
The post-1945 migration to the cities by Maori transformed Aotearoa New Zealand forever. Exploring whatbeing Maori means today, bestselling author Bradford Haami looks back to the experience of the first migrants, and traces the development of an urban Maori identity overthe interceding years. Numer..
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