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Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452172644
Four hilarious stories, two inventive brothers, one irresistible beginning chapter book - now in paperback! In this heartwarming follow-up to Laurel Snyder's award-winning Charlie & Mouse, the two brothers enjoy a special visit from their grandpa, Grumpy. Follow along as they discuss being medium, p..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452137483
This early chapter book continues the story of Charlie & Mouse with four stories around a visit from their grandfather, 'Grumpy'. In this adorable book from the funny and talented Laurel Snyder and Emily Hughes, Charlie & Mouse & Grumpy explore the process of getting big, pouncing, making a fort, an..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452170657
Join Charlie and Mouse as they: choose the best pancakes, hunt for presents, decorate with snakes, distract someone with hugs, and save the day. Charlie and Mouse are getting ready for Mom's birthday and things are not going exactly as planned . . . but with plenty of humour and imagination, they'll..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452172637
Meet the Theodor Seuss Geisel Medal-winning Charlie and Mouse! Join them in their very first book (now available in PB) as they: talk to lumps, take the neighbourhood to a party, sell some rocks, and invent the bedtime banana. With imagination and humour, Laurel Snyder and Emily Hughes paint a livel..
Brand: New Holland Publishers Model: 9781760791377
Charlie the snail is taunted by three passing slugs. Charlie looks different, he has a big shell on his back. Bewildered and upset, Charlie has a very clever idea - to discard his once-beloved shell so he too could look like a slug. Alas! Being bare is not as easy as it seems. Painful sunburn, pelti..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9780811858038
It's 1892 and Charlotte is bound for Monet's famous artist colony in Giverny, France, where painters like her father are flocking to learn the new style of painting called Impressionism. In spite of missing her best friend, Charlotte becomes enchanted with France and records her colourful experience..
Brand: Capstone Press Model: 9781496584465
Twelve-year-old Charlotte lives on a plantation in Richmond Virginia where the American Civil War is raging. All around her citizens and the Confederate army are fighting to protect slavery -- the very thing Charlotte wishes would end. When she overhears the plantation owner conspiring against the C..
Brand: Windy Hollow Books Model: 9781921136733
Marco helps his father show tourists the sights of Venice from their gondola. When a tourist accidentally leaves his camera, Marco frantically searches for him...
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