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Brand: Coughlan Publishing Model: 9780756554422
What has been called the most famous photograph in the world, and a symbol of the 20th century, began as a spur of the moment snapshot by a Cuban photographer. Alberto Korda transformed a simple photo into a world famous portrait of a larger than life revolutionary. Korda's 1960 photo of Che Guevara..
Brand: Capstone Press Model: 9781434262165
Three friends cheat on a math test and get away with it -- until a strange substitute teacher starts asking questions...
Brand: Cantata Learning Model: 9781684104314
Have you ever had a really big feeling? Whether they're happy or sad, feelings can sometimes be too much! But we can choose what we do with our feelings by Checking In. It's all part of understanding My Feelings, My Choices...
Brand: Capstone Press Model: 9781434205186
Amanda has always dreamed of being captain of a cheerleading squad, and this year, she is! But she soon realizes that being captain is harder than she thought. Not only does she have to lead the squad, she has to inspire them, and that's hard work...
Brand: Capstone Press Model: 9781434279316
When Colleen's best friend and co-captain changes schools, she's devastated. The cheerleading squad won't be the same without Meredith. But when Colleen learns that Meredith is teaching her new squad the routine they created together for an upcoming competition, she's hurt. Colleen has to decide wha..
Brand: Capstone Press Model: 9781496563460
Long-time gymnast Brielle decides to join a competitive cheerleading team while keeping her spot on the gymnastics team. She figures the practice schedules don't conflict so she shouldn't have any trouble managing the two sports. But things don't go as planned and Brielle soon finds herself pulled i..
Brand: Capstone Press Model: 9781434228093
Alicia's brother Danny and his friends are always putting down cheerleading. One of them even said the cheerleaders don't belong at the Victory School. But Alicia knows that everyone on the team has something special, like her super jumping ability. She just has to prove to Danny and the others that..
Brand: Capstone Press Model: 9781515858775
Mateo is used to being the best on his gymnastics team. When a boy with stronger skills joins Mateo gets jealous. Coach reminds the team that cheering for each other is part of being a good temmate. Will Mateo listen or will he cost his team the big meet..
Brand: Capstone Press Model: 9781496565334
Cheetah's on the loose After a desperate escape from prison the feline felon uses a stolen map to track down Pandora's Box. While the villain thinks it has the power to make her human again the Amazing Amazon knows better. Can Wonder Woman stop Cheetah before she opens the legendary artifact Or will..
Brand: Capstone Press Model: 9781515761952
Your stomach starts churning, and you start to get dizzy. Only one disgusting act will make you feel better. You've got to puke! Read inside to discover what really happens in your body when your lunch makes a second appearance...
Brand: Raintree Model: 9781410985330
How does dough turn into bread? What kinds of reactions give off heat? What's the harm in burning fossil fuels? The visually stimulating 'Sci-Hi' books take learning science core curriculum to a whole new exciting level. Each title explores an area of life, physical, or earth science in a way that i..
Brand: Capstone Press, Incorporated Model: 9781543528527
Bubble, pop, fizz! These chemical reaction projects will take your makerspace to the next level. Teach kids science basics and then build on them. Learn why chemical reactions happen, and how to make and take them to the next level. Bonus video tutorials and other content available on the free Capst..
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