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Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories

Brand: Charlesbridge Publishing,U.S. Model: 9781623540159
"What would it have been like to be a dinosaur baby long, long ago? Every boy and girl dreams of seeing a dinosaur . . . but what about BEING one? Maybe a baby with Tyrannosaurus Rex as a mom? Or a gentler giant who preferred munching leaves? With lots of fascinating facts and striking illustration..
Brand: New Holland Publishers Model: 9781760791346
Leo McGuffin had the best job in the world. As Chief Technical Officer of the Institute of Fantastical inventions (IFI), he had one central mission - to take the wishes, the dreams, the fantasies of ordinary people and to make them come true. Leo's latest clients were the Simpson Family. Their wish ..
Brand: Oratia Media Model: 9780947506643
What should you do when you fall off your bike and your bum breaks into pieces? Collect them up, take them home and glue them together, of course! But then what happens when the pieces get stuck to the tray on which you're making the repairs? Join the popular character from I Need a New Bum! as he d..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9780811865845
When Bean's parents leave her in the care of her older sister Nancy for the afternoon, she enlists her neighbour and best friend Ivy to come over and teach Nancy how to be a really good babysitter. Mischief and mayhem ensue...
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9780811876667
After months of begging for ballet lessons, Ivy and Bean get what they wanted. Well, not exactly. It turns out ballet lessons are actually about learning to dance gracefully. There are no karate chops as Ivy and Bean thought. If only the girls hadn't promised their parents they would finish the ball..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452102368
It's the Science Fair Some kids are making man-eating robots. Some kids are holding their breath for a very, very long time. Some kids are doing interesting things with vacuum cleaners. The theme, obviously, is global warming. But what should Ivy and Bean do? Something with explosions? Or ropes? Som..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452107813
Ivy and Bean need some money. Ten dollars, to be exact. It is for low-fat Bellideloon cheese in a special just-for-you serving size. How are Ivy and Bean going to make the money. Hey, maybe they should write a newspaper about Pancake Court and sell it...
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9780811849111
Second-graders Ivy and Bean set out to expel the ghost who is living in the girls' bathroom at their school...
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9780811868570
The adventures of Ivy and Bean continue in the latest installment from series creators Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall. In Ivy and Bean Bound to Be Bad the two girls decide to be so good and kind and pure of thought that wild animals will befriend them. When this doesn't work, they decide that per..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9780811862509
World record fever grips the second grade, and soon Ivy and Bean are trying to set their own record by becoming the youngest people to have ever discovered a dinosaur. But how hard is it to find one?..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452111483
Bean's older sister is going to Girl Power 4-Ever Camp, where she will do Crafts and Music and First Aid and other secret things that Bean will never know about because girls have to be eleven to go to Girl Power 4-Ever Camp. Wait a second Bean and Ivy can make their own camp, their own better camp:..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452169101
The much anticipated 11th instalment in the bestselling series is now in paperback! Ivy's worried that she will grow up to be spoiled because she is an only child. Ivy and Bean hatch plans to get Ivy a sibling with decidedly hilarious results. Ivy has read a lot of books about only children, so she ..
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