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Children's / Teenage: general non-fiction

Brand: Arcturus Publishing Ltd Model: 9781782127093
This brilliant illustrated puzzle and activity book will help children aged 6+ to learn to add and subtract. With fun puzzles and activities, children will learn with ease. The book goes from basic 1-10 sums right through to adding and subtracting with 3 figure numbers, following a logical process t..
Brand: New Holland Publishers Model: 9781760790189
Aliens and UFO's: A Young Person's Guide is the third in the series from prolific children's author Jonathan Moore. It probably is a bit of an exaggeration to say that if you read this book you are in danger of losing your life but when you have finished it, don't tell everybody what you know. They ..
Brand: Scholastic Model: 9781407134932
Everything you ever wanted to know about small animals in a fun and accessible format. Beautifully illustrated and packed with facts including your pet's likes and dislikes, how to care for your very own pet and much more. The perfect pocket-money purchase for any child who l..
Brand: Holiday House Inc Model: 9780823423439
Do you know the difference between alligators and crocodiles...? Alligators and crocodiles are the world's largest reptiles and the closest living relatives of dinosaurs. In this extremely interesting nonfiction picture book, Gibbons compares the two reptiles by giving facts about both--their physic..
Brand: Arcturus Publishing Ltd Model: 9781848376342
A fun-packed tour through the weird, the wild and wackier side of the record books. It includes all kinds of animals from the exotic to universally-loved pets and their incredible behaviour...
Brand: Pan Macmillan Model: 9781447212690
Big Trains, small trains, old trains, and new, rattling and whistling -- Choo, choo, choo! Preschoolers will chuckle as a wacky animal crew toots the whistle and treats them to the delights only a train journey can offer. Clickety-clack, whizz down the track, slow to a railroad crossing...
Brand: New Holland Publishers Model: 9781921580499
Record-breaking, beautiful, unique or simply amazing - these are the worlds' most famous structures and the story behind their design and construction .Cool, quirky, fun or astounding facts about these fabulous buildings and the Wonders of the World and the architecture and engineering behind them.P..
Brand: Dorling Kindersley Ltd Model: 9781405356954
Take an original look at how bodies work - both human and animalDid you know that we have the same number of bones in our neck as a giraffe? That dogs can smell 25 times better than us and that sheep need about half as much sleep as we do? In Animals and Me, discover fascinating similarities and sur..
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