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Children's / Teenage: general non-fiction

Brand: New Harbinger Publications Model: 9781684030033
Turn mindless eating habits into mindful eating habits! In this breakthrough workbook, Susan Albers-author of Eating Mindfully and the New York Times bestseller, Eat Q-offers powerful mindfulness-based activities and skills to help you stop overeating.Do you zone out while eating? You're not alone! ..
Brand: New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd Model: 9781869663629
Meet Volcanica, the feisty reporter at Magmatic Press who presents hot facts about volcano science in New Zealand. Discover the four main types of volcano found in this country: stratovolcanoes, shield, caldera and volcanic fields and explore the characteristics of each as demonstrated in data pane..
Brand: Capstone Press, Incorporated Model: 9781515745525
What's more exciting than a prison break? Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin escaped from Alcatraz in 1962 and have never been caught. Many authorities are certain they died crossing San Francisco Bay. Relatives claim they made it to Brazil. The theories of what happened to them are endless. ..
Brand: Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd Model: 9780711218956
"The Arnolfini Marriage", an Egyptian mummy, a gilded clock, a Japanese puppet, Van Gogh's "Irises", a Tibetan conch trumpet, an Eskimo mask, and a meso-American calendar. These are just a few of the treasures from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australasia featured in this book, an eye-open..
Brand: Dorling Kindersley Ltd Model: 9781405341288
Dive in and meet some of the scariest and deadliest sharks beneath the waves! From giant basking sharks to fearsome great whites, let your child discover all about sharks, the most amazing creatures that live in the sea.Fantastic facts and dramatic photographs bring your child face-to-fin with shark..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9780761114444
Bringing the world's great explorers to your fingertips, Fandex presents a chronological field guide to the boundary-breaking heroes of land, sea and sky. Discover the real Columbus, who ever after four voyages to the New World died believing he'd reached the Orient. Von Humboldt, who blazed through..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9780761123590
Fandex brings the world of Western art to your fingertips with a field guide to painters, their legacies, and the often-extreme lives they led. A chronology from Giotto, the first modern painter, to Frank Stella, whose black paints proclaimed "what you see is what you see." Here is Michelangelo, who..
Brand: Arcturus Publishing Ltd Model: 9781848373631
This title provides information on the latest records as well as unusual, fascinating habits and practices from around the world...
Brand: Capstone Press Model: 9780756565695
Life in the American West was difficult. Pioneers and explorers had to deal with rough terrain extreme weather deadly animal attacks and many other challenges. Discover the terrifying true stories of Hugh Glass Janette Riker the Donner Party and others who survived in the rugged American West...
Brand: Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd Model: 9781848106178
Covering everything from lizards to bees, this title is ideal for young readers. Activity panels give tips on further learning and a fun quiz at the back tests children on what they have read...
Brand: Capstone Press, Incorporated Model: 9781977120212
Frog is bored with its habitat! Follow Frog as it tries out different places to live. Which habitat will make the best home for Frog?..
Brand: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd Model: 9781849752732
Christmas is the perfect time for kids to get creative - so let them craft and bake their way to the most magical of Christmases. Catherine Woram's craft projects put busy little hands to work on per fect gifts to give, as well as great ideas for wrapping them and greetings cards to make. Kids can..
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