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Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452112589
In this follow-up to 1, 2, 3 Sew , expert seamstress and craft blogger Ellen Luckett Baker shares her fun building-block approach to quilting. Organized by quilting shapes-squares, triangles, hexagons, circles, flowers, stars, and diamonds-this easy-to-follow guide provides a simple way to master th..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9780811876490
Sewing is as easy as 1-2-3! In this creative teaching book, craft blogger Ellen Luckett Baker offers a wholly unique approach to sewing: she presents projects in groups of three, each building on the techniques used in the project before. Baker shows, for example, how to sew a glasses case, then bui..
Brand: Storey Books Model: 9781580176880
For every lonely skein there is a perfect small pattern. In this compilation by Judith Durant, knitwear designers from across the United States offer their favourite little projects ? each designed to use just one ball of yarn. Hats, scarves, bags, shawls, mittens, pillows, and other One-Skein Wonde..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452124926
Break out your paints! In the spirit of the bestseller 642 Things to Draw,104 Things to Paint prompts cover everything from the straightforward (a color wheel) to the curiously quirky (a hot mess). Extra thick textured pages let you paint directly inside the book with any paint you choose, making th..
Brand: Storey Books Model: 9781580176910
Knitting one sock is fun and rewarding, but finishing its partner can become a chore that leaves well-intentioned knitters suffering from "second sock syndrome." With this two-at-a-time technique you can easily finish a full pair of socks on the same day. Step-by-step photographs illustrate how to c..
Brand: CICO Books Model: 9781908862860
In this directory, Nicki Trench presents 201 knitting blocks, featuring traditional patterns, original motifs, the alphabet and numbers and new twists on classic stitches. This comprehensive resource starts with a chapter featuring 28 basic stitches, including garter and stocking stitch. This is fol..
Brand: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd Model: 9781782493419
Meet Donna Wilson's Knitted Animals - a quirky yet loveable family of 35 of the strangest creatures you'll ever come across.There's Rill Raccoon-Fox, who is fond of toasting caterpillars and worms over the camp fire, son of the great raconteur Cyril Squirrel and the delightful Rita Raccoon. Meet Ber..
Brand: White Star Model: 9788854410985
This wonderfully illustrated book is an effective antidote to the stresses of daily life. Day after day you can colour in the lovely drawings, divided into 12 different sources of inspiration, one for every month of the year. Rediscover you inner serenity and engage your mind on a creative and rewar..
Brand: Intelligent Layman Publishers Ltd Model: 9780947798604
This book has been created by fifty of the most talented glass artists in the world. The works chosen have achieved the highest standard in the contemporary world of glass artists and explore a facination with light and its relationship to glass. The different possibilities of glass as a material ar..
Brand: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd Model: 9781909313569
Attention all nerds, put down that laptop and pick up this brilliant guide to tying 50 must-know knots. If you're unaware of the difference between a Cow Hitch and a Marlinspike Hoop or a Running Bowline and a Square Lashing, all will be revealed in "50 Knots You Need to Know." Packed with step-by-s..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523501151
The mindful pleasure of learning to draw, with paper goodies and creative secrets from expert illustrators. Draw the Flow way. In this innovative approach to drawing instruction, the illustrators from Flow magazine open up their tool kits, sharing secrets and techniques to teach the creatively cur..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452108827
This follow-up to the runaway success 642 Things to Draw includes a whole new boatload of deceptively simple and addictive, hip and quirky things to draw. Encourages artists, both advanced and beginner, to try their hands at things like a baby in a swimsuit, a nose, a salad, a milkshake, silk, dust ..
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