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Brand: Veloce Publishing Ltd Model: 9781845840167
This is the story of a Grand Prix formula that no British constructor wanted but which became one that they would almost totally dominate. It has remained largely overlooked due to the perception that the cars were underpowered and hence unspectacular. Such a perception ignores the significant techn..
Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836546157
Time-travel through the Automobile Age with a collection that puts you in the driver"s seat. 20th Century Classic Cars offers a lush visual history of the automobile, decade by decade, via 400-plus print advertisements from the Jim Heimann Collection.Using imagery culled from a century of auto adver..
Brand: Veloce Publishing Ltd Model: 9781845844141
A complete practical guide on how to blueprint (optimize all aspects of specification) any 4-cylinder, four-stroke engine's short block to obtain maximum performance and reliability without wasting money on over-specced parts. Includes choosing components, crankshaft & conrod bearings, cylinder bloc..
Brand: White Star Model: 9788854408012
The pages of this book illustrate the history of the most famous and important aircraft of the last 100 years, to provide readers with an overview of the incredible progress humankind has made in the field of aeronautics. AUTHOR: Riccardo Niccoli is a journalist, writer, photographer and one of Ita..
Brand: Veloce Publishing Ltd Model: 9781845840075
This Essential Buyer's Guide leads you through the process of buying an Alfasud from whether this is the right car for you, what it's like to live with and what it will cost you to run, to which version and engine is best for you and what you should be paying for it.Having helped you decide these fa..
Brand: Veloce Publishing Ltd Model: 9781845848026
Combining details of truck specifications, previoulsy unpublished images, lists of optional equipment, and industry facts and figures, this book reveals the important role played by the lightweight, high-production, and basic 1/2-ton pickup trick in American post-war society, a role often overshadow..
Brand: Veloce Publishing Ltd Model: 9781845848033
Although the 1/2-ton American pickup truck was still purchased as a basic utility vehicle during the '60s, more and more, consumers were looking for stylish, comfortable, good handling, and good performing trucks.The important role played in American life by the lightweight, high-production pickup t..
Brand: Veloce Publishing Ltd Model: 9781787111912
An entertaining collection of true stories that feature just a few of the products manufactured by the Austin Motor Company from 1906 until the outbreak of the Second World War, including the people who helped to make them, those who drove them, and even those who flew them. Although the history of ..
Brand: Veloce Publishing Ltd Model: 9781787114265
Following on from Jim Stringer's first book `An Austin Anthology,' this second volume features 20 more stories relating to the Austin Motor Company, its products and the people who purchased them. The author takes a look at the very first Austin to be built, and discovers why it was able to be offer..
Brand: Veloce Publishing Ltd Model: 9781845848552
The Austin-Healey ("Big" Healey) is one of the iconic British sports cars: the first Austin-Healey 100 model was unveiled at the 1952 Earls Court Motor Show, and when the last car rolled off the production line in 1967, over 73,000 examples had been built. The four and six-cylinder Healey 100s and t..
Brand: Veloce Publishing Ltd Model: 9781845846442
The 1970s and 1980s were wonderful eras for the motorcycle, with their assortment of crazy two-strokes, and the first multi-cylinder superbikes coming thick and fast from Japan. It was a time of fast-paced engineering advances, and a time in motorcycle history that is unlikely ever to be repeated. Y..
Brand: Veloce Publishing Ltd Model: 9781787115545
The definitive history of the most sought-after, fastest and elegant Bentleys built in the British ownership era: the Continentals. The book covers the Bentley Continental R and S-Types (1951 on), Bentley Corniche, Continental Convertible, Continental R/S/T and Azure. In a portfolio of over 300 illu..
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