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Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473501976
Bill Birch was the quiet achiever of New Zealand politics. A trusted lieutenant to Prime Ministers Muldoon, Bolger and Shipley, Birch was at the heart of the action across a turbulent quarter-century of political and social change. From 'Think Big' and the Employment Contracts Act to overhauls of i..
Brand: Keith Hunter Model: 9780473196462
For over 40 years the murder of Harvey and Jeanette Crewe has been the great unsolved mystery of NZ criminal history. Local farmer Arthur Allan Thomas was twice convicted of their murders but was later given a Royal Pardon. In this comprehensive anatomy of the investigation Veteran journalist and br..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473423834
This biography is the lively, persuasive and colourful story of a talented bisexual man who had to leave New Zealand to find a life as a painter on his own terms. Now almost 95, still resident in Paris, he is oldest survivor of his extraordinary generation of creative New Zealanders, and perhaps a m..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473364359
Double-edged Sword is a survival story like no other. In 2003 Simonne Butler's violent partner, high on methamphetamine, cut off both her hands with a samurai sword. Her hands were reattached in a groundbreaking marathon surgery and she spent the next decade healing her mind, body and spirit. Despit..
Brand: Thom Productions Model: 9780473491192
Murray Thom is a completely self-made businessman who left school at 15 with his FSC (Failed School Certificate). Despite a lack of formal education, he was the Managing Director of CBS Records at just 23 years old. Since then, he has produced numerous bestsellers including, The Great New Zealand So..
Brand: Wily Publications Model: 9781927167397
The third of three books by military historian Jock Vennell on New Zealand's participation in World War 1 through the experiences of its commanders and the men they led. A biography of Major General Sir Andrew Russell, commander of the New Zealand Division in France from 1916 to the end of the war..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473401283
Crazy. Bold. Fearless. Parris Goebel was destined to make her mark. Young Queen is the autobiography of a dancer with a dream . . . a young Polynesian girl who grew up in New Zealand and went on to conquer the hip hop world. In this honest memoir, Parris Goebel shares the extraordinary story of how ..
Brand: Blackwell & Ruth Model: 9780473291624
Jock Hobbs was no ordinary man. His achievements were as numerous as they were outstanding. But despite all the success he enjoyed during his 52 years on this planet, to Jock, first and foremost, came his family and friends. Featuring a colourful collection of personal stories and anecdotes, the boo..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781797202396
In 2005, Sarah Edmondson was a young actress getting her start in Vancouver and hungry for purpose. When NXIVM, a personal and professional development company, promised to provide the tools and insight to reach her potential and make an impact, Sarah was intrigued. She would go on to become one of ..
Brand: Imagination Press Model: 9780995114258
When Alan Stevens was a boy in the 1960s, his brother would write him letters describing deer roaming the tops and river flats of Reefton. Without having ever lifted a rifle, Alan caught the hunting bug. Since then, he has spent many happy (and quite a few unhappy) hours out exploring the bush, tops..
Brand: Keith Hunter Model: 9780473117214
"Trial by Trickery" unravels a case that this book presents as founded in misquotation and false argument at every stage, from police inquiry to Court of Appeal. Keith Hunter is an investigative journalist and director of television current affairs, documentary and drama, winning awards in all three..
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