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Brand: Lion Hudson Ltd Model: 9780745956442
When Colin asks Jane to marry him she joyfully accepts - but then asks him if he would mind waiting for a few months, maybe a year and a half, as she has always wondered if God was calling her to be a nun. Over the course of 18 months, in 2011-2012, she tests out this vocation in a series of religio..
Brand: HarperCollins Publishers Model: 9780007596164
A heart-warming story of a woman who devoted her life to helping others. This is the memoir of Joan, who started nursing in the 1940s and whose experiences took her into the Yorkshire mining pits and through the tumult of the 1984-85 miners' strike. Joan Hart always knew what she wanted to do with ..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452183336
Acclaimed writer, bestselling author, and founder of Salon magazine, David Talbot has brought us masterful and explosive headline-breaking stories for over 25 years with books like the New York Times bestsellers Brothers, The Devil's Chessboard, and nationally recognised Season of the Witch. Now for..
Brand: John Blake Publishing Ltd Model: 9781843583523
From stories of her parents partying with the Krays in the East End of old, to the optimistic swinging sixties of London's West End, this is the intimate story of a unique childhood, set against the backdrop of squalid, post-War Hackney. In this honest and sincere memoir, Jacky Hyams revisits the `l..
Brand: Elliott & Thompson Limited Model: 9781907642555
From Bulgaria to Berkeley, Indonesia to Australia, Roger Carrick has travelled the world as an English diplomat. He was shadowed by the secret police in Sofia, witnessed the 1968 riots in Paris, befriended Shirley Temple at Stanford University and negotiated the withdrawal of British troops from Sin..
Brand: Sourcebooks, Inc Model: 9781492603382
She embarks on a massive lifestyle shift - embracing a more animal-friendly approach and trying to find her place somewhere between a hippie in a hemp skirt and a hypocrite in leather high heels. And then she realizes that Seamus wasn't the only beagle who needed rescuing...Dogs Were Rescued (And So..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473364359
Double-edged Sword is a survival story like no other. In 2003 Simonne Butler's violent partner, high on methamphetamine, cut off both her hands with a samurai sword. Her hands were reattached in a groundbreaking marathon surgery and she spent the next decade healing her mind, body and spirit. Despit..
Brand: Quadrille Publishing Ltd Model: 9781844008803
Jerry Hall escaped from small-town Texas and was discovered on a St Tropez beach at the age of 16. Within a year she had appeared on the covers of magazines all over the world. A whirlwind life as a top model jetting from Paris to New York to London and all over the world was followed by a four-year..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473465995
`I know the pain at the gym is nowhere near as bad as the pain of depression . . . so I suck up the workout pain and push myself that bit harder.' Continuing ill-health and countless surgeries sent Auckland businessman Dave Burt spiralling down into the depths of despair and hopelessness. Something ..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9780811872331
"Masala Farm" is a memoir about a city boy who absconds to a country roost. Indian author Suvir Saran's move from NYC to a farm in upstate New York, where he raises livestock and grows much of his own food. The recipes, organised by season, include classic rustic American recipes made from the fruit..
Brand: Finch Publishing Model: 9781921462320
My Life in a Pea Soup follows one mother's journey to reach her profoundly autistic daughter. Set against the backdrop of three countries - Sri Lanka, Bahrain and Australia - this book will appeal to anyone who has experienced heartbreak and then found a way to not only help themselves, but to help ..
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