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Brand: Storey Publishing LLC Model: 9781635861846
This beautiful little volume combines 52 accessible and open-hearted affirmations from the beloved Tibetan Buddhist teacher Ani Trime with original illustrative interpretations from a wide range of popular contemporary artists. "Every thought I think is creating my future." So begin the 52 affirma..
Brand: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd Model: 9781904991847
Ancient cultures have always looked to animals as a source of strength, protection and knowledge. Native Americans have revered the wolf, bear, eagle and bison while Aborigines have identified with the kangaroo, koala and kookaburra. Divided into four groups, Creatures of the Air, Arboreal Creatures..
Brand: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd Model: 9781908170415
In Animal Teachings, she groups 60 species by their specific teaching - from how to find balance and be a better communicator to being more intuitive and living a joyous life. For example, Fox, Swan and Zebra are united through the teaching of Integration. All three species can help us learn to wel..
Brand: New Harbinger Publications Model: 9781572243620
Leading researchers in acceptance and commitment therapy suggest to readers struggling with anorexia that strategies to control their disorder are themselves problems. Instead, they use the techniques of acceptance and commitment therapy, or ACT, to teach how better to cope with out-of-control emot..
Brand: New Harbinger Publications Model: 9781608826698
Do you suffer from panic, anxiety, and fear in your day to day life? Do you avoid social situations, activities like driving, or even going to the store because of a fear of being overwhelmed or tiggering a panic attack? You might be interested to know that anxiety disorders are the most common ment..
Brand: New Harbinger Publications Model: 9781684031108
Break free from anxiety once and for all! From the authors of The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety, this powerful yet portable guide offers fifty-two in-the-moment mindfulness strategies you can use anytime, anywhere to cultivate calm and radically transform your life. We live in an ..
Brand: New Harbinger Publications Model: 9781626259539
If you have a child with anxiety, you need quick, in-the-moment solutions you can easily use now to help your child face their fears and worries. Written by a psychologist and expert in childhood anxiety, this easy-to-use guide offers proven-effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure ..
Brand: New Harbinger Publications Model: 9781572246034
Anxiety disorders typically relate to other problems, including school failure and depressive disorders. Most young people don't look for and never get help with these problems. So this is an absolutely essential text and a vital resource for teens and their parents. It includes all sorts of act..
Brand: Dunmore Publishing Limited Model: 9781927212110
This well-known author says that successful employment leading to a stellar career is an art - the skills can be learned, honed and will reward those who take up the challenge. This book is for everybody who wants to have a challenging and rewarding career. It is a concise guide, with easy-to-relate..
Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9780857834522
In this hilariously out-dated guide, originally published in 1936, Hugh Morris expounds on this wonderful ritual. It's all about why people kiss, preparing for a kiss, the thrills of naughty kissing games, not to mention how to put variety into your kissing. There are instructions on the French Soul..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9780761171676
Procrastination - just about everyone has struggled with it. This charming, highly readable book by an internationally recognised Stanford philosopher offers a new outlook: instead of focusing on your deficits, recognise the myriad things that you do accomplish while avoiding "the important project...
Brand: New Harbinger Publications Model: 9781626253377
Isn t it time you took a stand? Many women struggle with assertiveness, but if you re prone to anxiety and avoidance, it is especially difficult. Grounded in attachment theory, this essential guide will help you identify your thoughts and feelings, balance your emotions, communicate your needs, and ..
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