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Brand: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd Model: 9781782498247
Learn more than 50 sacred symbols and deities that express the ethos of the ancient Celts. In ancient times, Druids read the future through the movement of the stars and planets, in dreams, in the flights of birds, in the running of hares. Today, we too look for signs and symbols in the skies, and ..
Brand: New Harbinger Publications Model: 9781684030675
Suffering is part of the human experience, and everyone in the world is seeking relief. But there is something greater, something that we all share, indeed something that we all are, that can alleviate that pain: it is the formless presence - the loving, boundless awareness - at the heart of all exp..
Brand: New Holland Publishers Model: 9781921024825
The Buddhist Way is an introduction to the Buddhist philosophy which originated in India over 2,500 years ago before spreading to China, Southeast Asia and beyond.This straightforward and practical book outlines many Buddhist teachings and practices. It explains how Buddhist beliefs and thoughts evo..
Brand: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd Model: 9781782490722
Goddesses have been a source of fascination for thousands of years. Their ancient mythologies and legends are still relevant today, and by tapping into the power of the goddesses we can find strength and inspiration. Channel Your Goddess Energy is full of tips and rituals that can be easily used in ..
Brand: Arcturus Publishing Ltd Model: 9781789503692
Travel back to a time when divine beings mixed with mortals, when heroes battled sorcerers, and nature was a mysterious realm ruled by beautiful and dangerous deities. From the legends of Hercules and the Titans, to the tales of the underworld and the destruction of Troy, this elegant collection con..
Brand: New Holland Publishers Model: 9781760790875
For hundreds of years seers and prophets have used the Bible's Book of Revelations to whip up hysteria and fear. The last book of the New Testament declares that all but the true believers will be wiped off the face of the earth and doomed to eternal suffering; only those who follow 'the word' ..
Brand: New Harbinger Publications Model: 9781626258396
In Fully Awake, Fully Human, contemporary spiritual teacher Amoda Maa dispels the outdated view of a transcendent enlightenment and instead presents a new, feminine expression of awakened consciousness for all one that is felt and known through what our everyday lives are made of: our emotions, bodi..
Brand: Arcturus Publishing Model: 9780572030544
Buddhism brought to life through engaging stories, historical anecdotes, key facts and accessible description.The ancient parables, disciplines, quotations and distillations of wisdom that lie at its foundation.An orderly study programme for individuals, families, study groups schools and colleges.T..
Brand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd Model: 9781927242148
The idea of evolution is the most life-changing concept to have emerged in modern times, but most people know of it only in fragments. The evolution of the universe, of planet Earth, of life and of human culture is a truly breathtaking story that can be told in many ways. In one continuous story thi..
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