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Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836534796
From The 400 Blows to Jules and Jim to The Last Metro, Francois Truffaut (1932-1984) practically defined the French cinema of his era and was one of the founders of the New Wave which took the industry by storm in the late 1950s. His endlessly touching and romantic films-always tinged by a touch of ..
Brand: Balcony Press,U.S. Model: 9781890449308
Carol Bishop made a pilgrimage across the United States in search of a way to express her deep connection to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Her experience of Wright's architecture transcended a mere understanding of his design philosophy. In Frank Lloyd Wright: The Romantic Spirit Carol Bishop's pa..
Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836547130
Eye to Eye is the classic personal portfolio by master photographer Frans Lanting, the award-winning photographer and naturalist who has set the standards for a whole generation of wildlife photographers. The book gathers more than 140 photographs, made over a period of 20 years and reveals Lanting"..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9780811868907
This exquisite book showcases 300 color photographs of vintage French ephemera that has been hidden away for nearly a century at Tinsel Trading Company, one of Martha Stewart's favorite craft shops. With these treasured notions as her inspiration, Kaari Meng offers a visual catalog of French trimmin..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452108254
A pioneer not only of the art but also the fashion world, Frida Kahlo is beloved for her signature portraits and the bold, innovative clothing she wore in them. This fabulous paper doll set features Frida and 32 of her signature ensembles. Bilingual explanatory captions contextualise how and when sh..
Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836504935
Fritz Kahn (1888-1968) was a German doctor, educator, popular science writer, and information graphics pioneer. Chased out of Germany by the Nazis, who banned and burned his books, Kahn emigrated to Palestine, then France, and finally the United States to continue his life's work.In this revised Bib..
Brand: Princeton Architectural Press Model: 9781568988825
It's a situation we are all acquainted with: planning to visit friends in an unfamiliar part of the city, you draw yourself arudimentary map with detailed directions. In March 2008, graphic designer Kris Harzinski founded the Hand Drawn Map Association in order to collect just such drawings of the e..
Brand: Princeton Architectural Press Model: 9781616891626
In 2010 the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver director Adam Lerner did something unheard of in the museum world: he mounted a large exhibition of paintings without first knowing whether they were real or fakes. Painted in the Suprematist and Constructivist style of early twentiethcentury Russian ava..
Brand: Princeton Architectural Press Model: 9781616890926
The history of modern architecture, read through the evolution of the single family home. Each generation has sought to improve upon earlier iterations, rethinking and reinventing this seemingly simple building type. At certain historic moments, new ideas about domesticity have given form to radical..
Brand: Apple Press Model: 9781845433253
Aspiring rock heroes have the answer to their prayers in this unique condensed guide to learning the essential tools and tricks that rock guitarists normally take years to perfect. It' s a crash course designed to take you from complete beginner to hot rock guitarist ready to take to the..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452142333
Totally sassy and classy, this collection of temporary tattoos features a range of wearable profanities-all rendered in a lovely hand-drawn calligraphy. Six sheets of tattoo designs include both sincere and snarky phrases, guaranteeing a fit for any mood or occasion-from Fuck Yeah! to Kiss My Ass...
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452128399
It takes guts to be a comedian and it takes smarts to make a living off it. In this insider's guide, former Onion editor Joe Randazzo delivers a funny and insightful blueprint for those looking to turn their sense of humour into a vocation. Explaining how it works and how to break in, Joe provides t..
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