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Brand: 24 ORE Cultura s.r.l Model: 9788866481737
Featuring an array of dwellings from around the world - from the glass skyscrapers of Saint Petersburg, to the sunny shores of California - The Big Book of Interior Design is entirely devoted to the design elements that populate our private spaces. The book studies varying styles of interior design..
Brand: Princeton Architectural Press Model: 9781616893163
Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin are the best known of a loosely organised group of Soviet artists known as "Paper Architects," who designed much but built little in the early days of Glasnost, in the late 1980s. Many of their elaborate etchings, in which they depicted outlandish, often impossible, ..
Brand: The Crowood Press Ltd Model: 9781785004230
The term 'Brutalism' is used to describe a form of architecture that appeared, mainly in Europe, from around 1945-75. Uncompromisingly modern, this trend in architecture was both striking and arresting and, perhaps like no other style before or since, aroused extremes of emotion and debate. Some reg..
Brand: Storey Books Model: 9780882668413
Build a classic, enduring, and affordable home. With Jack A. Sobon's careful guidance, you can construct your own timber-framed house in the traditional hall-and-parlor style. From felling trees to cutting timbers, and frame construction to door selection, you'll find Sobon's professional advice and..
Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836535656
Spanish visionary Santiago Calatrava is renowned around the world as an architect, structural engineer, sculptor, and artist. Famed for bridges as much as buildings, he has made his name with neofuturistic structures that combine deft engineering solutions with dramatic visual impact.From the Athens..
Brand: Thames & Hudson Ltd Model: 9780500283615
The Caribbean. The place immediately brings to mind specific colours, arranged in a specific way. Blue above, blue below. White for the beach, green for the coconut palms. Dominating all, the gold of the sun. Caribbean Style adds to that palette by recreating in over 600 spectacular colour photograp..
Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836510219
The Case Study House program (1945-66) was an exceptional, innovative event in the history of American architecture and remains to this day unique. The program, which concentrated on the Los Angeles area and oversaw the design of 36 prototype homes, sought to make available plans for modern residenc..
Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836557498
The Case Study House program is a landmark of American architecture. Its driving force, John Entenza, was a champion of Modernism who gathered some of history's greatest talents, including Richard Neutra, Charles and Ray Eames, and Eero Saarinen. This retrospective revisits all 36 prototype homes th..
Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836551816
From Berlin to Beirut, David Chipperfield (born 1953) aspires to an architecture founded on collaboration, ideas, and excellence. His buildings are intended as physically immediate spaces in which "a sort of ordinariness" becomes remarkable, and by which the individual structure coexists with broade..
Brand: New Holland Publishers Model: 9781742579122
Many of us dream of living by the sea and this is coastal living at its very best . A collection of the world s most stunning waterfront properties. This design and lifestyle book evokes the sound of the surf or the feel of sand between your toes you will be drawn to these coastal homes and the life..
Brand: Braun Publishing AG Model: 9783037680223
American architecture has created a symbol for itself in the skyscraper. It is a typology that seems to shout "Yes we can!", and the superpower lives by these words to this day. As a little boy, President Barack Obama dreamed of becoming an ar-chitect. Now, those who have fulfilled this dream demons..
Brand: Storey Publishing LLC Model: 9781603424622
In the woods, on a mountaintop, or at the water's edge, a small cabin can fulfil big dreams. With attention to efficient living and minimizing energy footprints, Gerald Rowan provides 62 designs for compact and creative buildings that are flexible enough to fit whatever your needs may be. Rowan incl..
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