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Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836572217
Offering a rare glimpse inside the Hermit Kingdom, Guardian journalist and photographer Oliver Wainwright takes us on an architectural journey behind closed doors in the world's most secretive country. From the mosaiclined lobbies of Soviet-era health centers to the candy-colored interiors of brand ..
Brand: Kawade Shobo Shin Sha Model: 9784309800011
The essence of contemporary premier hotels from around the world...
Brand: The Crowood Press Ltd Model: 9781847970169
Interior design is a multidiscipline profession blending spatial, technical and aesthetic knowledge. The skill involved in manipulating these elements to solve specific design problems is intrinsically linked to drawing. Interior Design Drawing explores all aspects of this vital design skill, from s..
Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836567558
With an inspirational richness and diversity of styles, these homes, residences, hideaways, and studios will astound and astonish, no matter the taste; be it rustic country cottage, New York-style loft, or bohemian bungalow. This survey of contemporary interior design carefully curates homes from al..
Brand: Artisan Model: 9781579653644
In "Italian Rustic", the romance and appeal of the weathered Italian farmhouse is broken down into its practical building blocks. Each chapter focuses on essential elements, from constructing stone walls to designing ceilings and creating pergolas. Building notes and detailed illustrations provide s..
Brand: The Crowood Press Ltd Model: 9781785002489
'Japanese Modern Architecture 1920-2015' uses a series of thematic lenses to explain the rich history of Japanese architectural developments from the 1920s foundation of modern architecture to contemporary permutations of modern and post-modern architecture. The book introduces the diversity of Ja..
Brand: Prestel Model: 9783791347370
***DELAYED PUBLICATION NEW JACKET*** With a reputation built over 25 years, Joanna Wood is recognised as one of Britain's leading figures in interior design. Her practice, Joanna Trading, was the winner of Britain's 2012 Design and Architecture award. Now Joanna Wood invites readers inside the wa..
Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836576079
Zen, soothing, mystical, meditative-words cannot do justice to Asia's most beautiful interiors. Whether it's a gilded Tibetan monastery, a plantation in Sri Lanka, or a private villa in Thailand, each of the havens featured in this book are remarkable not only in aesthetic, but also in spirit.This s..
Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836566896
When it comes to Balinese houses, walls are not compulsory, wood is everywhere, earth tones are dominant, and thatched roofs abound. Opening onto gorgeous green landscapes, majestic mountains, or beautiful coastlines, the homes herein ooze relaxing, contemplative vibes. This portfolio of Southeast A..
Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836566315
Carefully manicured gardens, sliding screens, and warm natural materials: Japanese homes are refuges of tranquility, crafted in a unique domestic aesthetic of Eastern minimalism. Traditional architecture features alongside cutting-edge contemporary dwellings in this collection of homes, with many ne..
Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836566919
Rustic wood, wrought iron, vibrant color, and tantalizing patterns: the homes of Mexico blend native tribal styles and Spanish architecture with warm, textured simplicity. Dive into inspiring and remarkable abodes in this updated, compact portfolio of villas, casitas, haciendas, cabanas, and palapas..
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