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Art forms

Brand: New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd Model: 9781869664084
The vibrant paintings in this gorgeous book capture that bright sparkling quality of our New Zealand light. Graham Young portrays elements of the Kiwi lifestyle against a backdrop of familiar landscape - the corner dairy, old baches on the coast, boatsheds, villas and country barns. There is always ..
Brand: The Crowood Press Ltd Model: 9781861265982
Life drawing is a passionate and rewarding pursuit, which inspires a wide range of styles from photographic to abstract. This practical book, packed with images and enjoyable exercises, is designed for the beginner or untutored group and the more experienced artist or teacher. Achieve accurate ..
Brand: The Crowood Press Ltd Model: 9781785001451
Linocut is used to stunning effect by artists, illustrators and designers because of its strong graphic qualities, accessibility and versatility. Whether you are printing by hand on your kitchen table or on a press in a print studio, this book gets you started and goes on to explore the myriad crea..
Brand: The Crowood Press Ltd Model: 9781847976833
Silver is an exciting and versatile material for jewellery makers, both beginners and the more advanced, and nothing beats the satisfaction of creating and making your own designs. This book shows you how. Full of inspiring ideas and finished pieces, it explains over forty processes including the mo..
Brand: The Crowood Press Ltd Model: 9781847979032
Woodblock printing is an ancient art form, which produces beautiful, subtle and lively pieces with just a few simple materials. This book introduces the art, and shares technical information and ideas for those with more experience. A wide range of exciting examples of printed woodcuts are shown alo..
Brand: Artisan Model: 9781579657147
"I"ve paged through stacks of books on the history of watches. . . . But I hadn"t come across a book that actually moved me until I picked up A Man and His Watch. The volume is filled with heartfelt stories."-T: The New York Times Style Magazine Paul Newman wore his Rolex Daytona every single day fo..
Brand: Fox Chapel Publishing Model: 9781565233980
This collection of original tribal-inspired designs includes spiked spirals, ragged curved lines, bold blackwork, henna designs, and many other stylized motifs. More than 350 patterns ready to be replicated by your tattoo artist or personalized for craft projects..
Brand: Artisan Model: 9781579651237
Jacqueline Kennedy - American icon and inimitable symbol of strength and beauty. Her majestic elegance is captured in this delightful gift book, Mrs. Kennedy Goes Abroad, by French painter, illustrator, and lifelong friend of the First Lady, Jacqueline Duheme...
Brand: New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd Model: 9781869664343
New Zealand: A Painted Country is a journey through a unique portfolio of landscapes depicting the favourite places of some of New Zealand's most popular contemporary artists. The highly diverse paintings display not only the wide spectrum of styles and techniques used by these artists, but also the..
Brand: Oratia Media Model: 9781877514470
We have tattooing in the blood in New Zealand, and styles worn with pride here in Aotearoa are appreciated worldwide by admirers of beautiful design. And in the early 2010s, tattooing is going through a renaissance. Chris Hoult immersed himself in the Kiwi tattoo scene from 2011 and 2012, and brough..
Brand: The Crowood Press Ltd Model: 9781785006739
For centuries, artists have learnt from the art that came before them. This book explains how to make paint meaningful and imaginative responses to the works of the masters. There are step by step examples to illustrate how to get started and how to use thumbnail pencil sketches. Advice is given on ..
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