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Mathematics & science

Brand: Tectum Model: 9789079761302
Did you know that the popsicle was invented by an eleven-year old who had left his soda water mixture on the porch on a cold winter night? Or that LSD was discovered while trying to produce a drug that would help ease the pain of childbirth. Call them accidents. Call them mistakes. Even serendipity...
Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9781845335618
In The Book of Time we see how philosophers, religions and scientists have tried to explain time as everything from a perfect cycle to ever-increasing chaos. We see how time works in the natural world and in our own bodies and minds, and how we've tried to measure it - first with calendars, then wit..
Brand: Taschen GmbH Model: 9783836572545
From the medical student and biology enthusiast to the graphic designer and artist: this life-size model gives everyone access to an age-old classic of scientific illustration. Simply fold the precut pieces (no need for scissors or glue!) to build this human skeleton, complete with anatomical labels..
Brand: Arcturus Publishing Ltd Model: 9781788883900
Chemistry cast the building blocks of civilisation. The exploitation of fire, the development of pigments, and the smelting of metals all triggered huge human developments and led us from the stone age into the technological era. How the World Works: Chemistry is a wonderful introduction to this ..
Brand: Arcturus Publishing Ltd Model: 9781788883894
"How can a three-pound mass of jelly that you can hold in your palm imagine angels, contemplate the meaning of infinity, and even question its own place in the cosmos?" -V. S. Ramachandran, neuroscientist, 2011How we think, feel, move, remember, imagine, and experience the outside world and our own ..
Brand: Arcturus Publishing Ltd Model: 9781788880923
"It is the function of science to discover the existence of a general reign of order in nature and to find the causes governing this order. And this refers in equal measure to the relations of man - social and political - and to the entire universe as a whole." -Dmitri Mendeleev (1834-1907)All matte..
Brand: Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd Model: 9781848100435
This highly visual series provides younger children with first facts and pictures abour their favourite subjects. Each spread presents a new topic and is accompanied by simple text and realistic, detailed illustrations...
Brand: Michael O'Mara Books Ltd Model: 9781782430674
From the ice-age recordings of moon cycles and the earliest calendars, to modern wristwatches and quantum clocks, time and its effects have always enthralled mankind. This book is a tribute to timekeeping in its many forms and takes in the most significant creations as well as countless time trivia...
Brand: Experiment Model: 9781615190676
A Wall Street Journal 10 Best Nonfiction Book of the Year "Among a small cluster of very good recent books on cancer." --The New York TimesPhiladelphia, 1959: A scientist scrutinizing a single human cell under a microscope detects a missing piece of DNA. That scientist, David Hungerford, had no way ..
Brand: New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd Model: 9781869661281
This new addition to New Holland's popular pocket Photographic Guide series showcases the flowers that add so much to the attractions of walking in New Zealand's alpine zone. The ideal size for slipping into a backpack when tramping, it will appeal to walkers, nature lovers, tour guides and educator..
Brand: New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd Model: 9781869661519
This new addition to a popular series recognises the fact that New Zealand is a fascinating arena of study for anyone with an interest in insect life, be it casual or academic. The country's long isolation from other land masses has led to a flowering of remarkable species including the world's heav..
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