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Brand: HarperCollins Publishers Model: 9781847563477
The SUNDAY TIMES top 20 bestseller!Shortlisted for the CWA Endeavour Historical Dagger AwardNew York, 1939: A city of hope. A city of opportunity. A city hiding dark secrets ... A brutal murder in an affluent suburb of Dublin and the unexplained death of an Irish diplomat in Manhattan...Garda Serge..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849182843
In the future, the entire population is under a de facto dictatorship because of cerebral implants invented by one F.G. Wilson. Nolan Ska, an engineer, manages to travel back in time, with the intention of changing history by encouraging Wilson first career: novelist. But the man who will eventually..
Brand: Quercus Publishing Model: 9781780872162
Cassandra White is a woman on a mission. Her Lakeland farm may be falling apart, but at least she's escaped the madness of modern life. But when her valley is invaded by bankers buying up second homes, she's determined to put up a fight. What begins as a hare-brained scheme with a few unruly locals ..
Brand: The Crowood Press Ltd Model: 9780719827358
A family is brutally murdered and their homestead burnt to the ground. The bodies are so badly disfigured that identity is difficult to determine, but one of the daughters is known to be missing. Is it eighteen-year-old Grace Mayfield or her younger sister, Chrissy? The missing Mayfield girl must no..
Brand: The Crowood Press Ltd Model: 9780719827259
Marshal Reuben Kane is charged with finding the men who have spread terror and violence in an unprecedented bank robbing spree. It's a routine, albeit dangerous, assignment. Routine, that is, until Reuben discovers Sal McIntyre, badly beaten and left to die by the men he is hunting. Near to her is t..
Brand: The Crowood Press Ltd Model: 9780719821318
It was the shooting of an innocent bystander that forced Iron Matt Devlin to give up his profession as a bounty hunter. The harrowing occurrence led to him taking up the bible and becoming a preacher serving the Arizona town of Firewall. All went well until a gang of robbers led by the infamous Jack..
Brand: The Crowood Press Ltd Model: 9780719827839
The nephew of President Hayes has been murdered in Crows Creek so he orders the Governor to hire a first class Marshal, someone with a proven track record for solving crimes. Unfortunately the best person for the job is Daniel Wheetman, an Englishman who has no experience of the West; he cannot ride..
Brand: Dan Cleary Model: 9780473192822
The Cup - a short satirical novel. Brilliant. We needed a comic novel about the 2011 Rugby World Cup, and here it is. Like a direct decendant of Vincent O'Sullivan's 70s satire "Miracle", Dan Cleary's "The Cup" also has an affectionate and informed crack at rugby, politics and the unholy combination..
Brand: Quercus Publishing Model: 9781849160117
Following a rash moment of insolence, Dr Siri Paiboun, Laos' reluctant national coroner, confused shaman and disheartened communist, is forced to go on a road trip with Judge Haeng and the Justice Department. While newly pregnant Nurse Dtui and Dr Siri's fianc Madame Daeng are left at the morgue to..
Brand: Alma Books Ltd Model: 9781846882388
Abandoned as a young child, the street urchin Kalu has, against all odds, carved out a life for himself in rural India. One day, a travelling healer overhears Kalu playing a melody through a rolled-up banyan leaf and encourages him to build on his raw musical talent. This chance encounter will lead ..
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