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Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

Brand: Quercus Publishing Model: 9780857050472
When Maria, the fourth child of a widow, is adopted by the old and childless Bonaria Urrai, her life is instantly transformed - she finally has the love and affection she craves. But her new 'soul mother' is keeping something hidden from her, a secret life that is intimately bound-up with Sardinia's..
Brand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd Model: 9780947493820
Here are the stories of eight women - doctors, nurses, cooks and cleaners at the heart of a hospital that connects them all in a city that could be anywhere. Inspired by Mira Harrison's experiences in healthcare in the UK and NZ, these engrossing narratives unveil the shifting balance between profes..
Brand: Pan Macmillan Model: 9780330512459
When Andrew -- a second-hand-book dealer -- comes across a pile of photographs from police archives, he decides to exhibit them. But then the gallery is raided the day before the opening, and the photos seized with surprising violence. It soon becomes clear that someone, somewhere, wants to keep the..
Brand: Elliott & Thompson Limited Model: 9781904027744
Investment banker Dave Hart needs his annual bonus. Anything less than a million pounds would be an insult. After all, he has to buy a new ca, a second home in the country and a new Rolex for his wife Wendy...When the countdown to bonus day begins, so does the backstabbing, desperation and paranoia...
Brand: Pan Macmillan Model: 9781447288947
THE NO. 1 BESTSELLER The Wilderness Years are over! But for how long? Bridget's second diary takes us through a year that begins with man-of-her-dreams Mark Darcy (who never does the washing up) and lurches onwards through a sea of self-help books and lunatic advice from her mad friends. Strugglin..
Brand: Quercus Publishing Model: 9781782061816
One step can change everything... Cass Brooks wishes she could turn back time. She"d go back to that morning and retrace her steps. Her boyfriend, Sean, would still be with her. Her mother wouldn"t be nagging her to plan a new future when all she wants is her old life back. But when Ticket, the most..
Brand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd Model: 9781877577956
It is spring, 1982 and change is in the air...Frank has left the Hutt Valley in a quest for a job in one of the big meatworks in the Hawkes Bay. Mereana's uncle Kingi has got her a place on the mutton slaughter floor and taken her away from life in the backblocks. Adam, who has weathered many a sack..
Brand: Pan Macmillan Model: 9781509823475
The twentieth stunning book from the lauded bestselling author, Joanna Trollope. The day Stacey Grant loses her job feels like the last day of her life. Or at least, the only life she'd ever known. For who was she if not a City high-flyer, Senior Partner at one of the top private equity firms in Lo..
Brand: Quercus Publishing Model: 9781780872162
Cassandra White is a woman on a mission. Her Lakeland farm may be falling apart, but at least she's escaped the madness of modern life. But when her valley is invaded by bankers buying up second homes, she's determined to put up a fight. What begins as a hare-brained scheme with a few unruly locals ..
Brand: Dan Cleary Model: 9780473192822
The Cup - a short satirical novel. Brilliant. We needed a comic novel about the 2011 Rugby World Cup, and here it is. Like a direct decendant of Vincent O'Sullivan's 70s satire "Miracle", Dan Cleary's "The Cup" also has an affectionate and informed crack at rugby, politics and the unholy combination..
Brand: Alma Books Ltd Model: 9781846882388
Abandoned as a young child, the street urchin Kalu has, against all odds, carved out a life for himself in rural India. One day, a travelling healer overhears Kalu playing a melody through a rolled-up banyan leaf and encourages him to build on his raw musical talent. This chance encounter will lead ..
Brand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd Model: 9780947493059
The Hokianga Harbour on New Zealand's far northern west coast has been a magnet for dreamers ever since Polynesian explorer Kupe followed a long-tailed cuckoo or was it an octopus hoping to find fertile land in the southern seas. These stories are about some of the dreamers who have followed him eve..
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