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Thriller / suspense

Brand: Penguin Books Ltd Model: 9781405922654
A young woman's body is discovered on a small Dutch island, her head heavily wrapped in cling film. Inspector Jaap Rykel's been flown in to oversee the investigation and - hopefully - solve this gruesome murder swiftly. When another body is discovered on the mainland, however, head enveloped, Jaap ..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473388959
"I know this sounds crazy but there was blue light coming out of his hands and I could feel all my pain flowing out of me." When Dean Bradley is brutally murdered for his new shoes, undertaker Ken Tamati does a lovely job on the corpse - but next morning, the body has vanished from the funeral parlo..
Brand: The Crowood Press Ltd Model: 9780719816901
Tracking outlaws Dobie Miller and Waldo Schmitt into a deadly desert, the notorious bounty hunter Iron Eyes is closing the distance between them with every beat of his determined heart. Yet the magnificent palomino stallion beneath his ornate saddle is starting to suffer. For years the deadly Iron E..
Brand: Cornerstone Model: 9780099550891
A criminal mastermind is carrying out a deadly game of murder on the streets of New York. Following the rules of chess he moves his victims around the city, leaving his sinister calling cards at each blood-soaked crime scene. But as the body count mounts, the New York police force are no nearer to c..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473327422
A psychological thriller that will shock you to the core. Headstrong and independent, Rita Saunders is a successful hairdresser by day and a busy brothel madam by night. The only thing missing from her life is the love of a good woman. Istvan Ziegler is a Hungarian immigrant who has come to New Zeal..
Brand: Hodder & Stoughton General Division Model: 9781444733563
To Steph, working as a bar hostess in Japan sounds too good to be true. Friends say she can earn a fortune simply by flirting with drunk businessmen, and there's no sex involved - honest. Old friends, Julia and Annabel, are earning piles of cash in Tokyo and say hostessing is perfectly safe.But once..
Brand: Hodder & Stoughton Model: 9780340840153
Beecher White is a young archivist who works with the most important documents of the US government. When Clementine Kaye, his first childhood crush, shows up at the Archives, Beecher tries to impress her by showing her the secret vault where the President privately reviews classified documents. It'..
Brand: Quercus Publishing Model: 9781849163620
London, 1732. William Hogarth is called to a murder scene. A woman lies dead, her unborn child ripped from her body. It is a warning. Hogarth painted the future King leaving her bed. He must destroy the painting to survive. But her killers made one mistake. They left the Prince's son alive. Centurie..
Brand: HarperCollins Publishers Model: 9780007569595
A chilling psychological thriller about family - the ties that bind us, and the lies that destroy us. Perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train and I Let You Go. You find your neighbour dead in his bath.Your son is with you. He sees everything.You discover your wife has been in the man"s house.It s..
Brand: Arcturus Publishing Ltd Model: 9781789506655
In my job, when I come up against a man like this one, I have another motto. It's 'live and let die'.British Secret Service agent Bond is sent to New York to investigate Mr Big - an underworld voodoo leader and SMERSH operative. Travelling through Harlem, Florida and the Caribbean in hot pursuit of ..
Brand: Hodder & Stoughton Model: 9781844565528
An innocent posting in a blog about a tragic car crash prompts cyberbullies to mount a vicious attack against a troubled teenager. Pushed over the brink, he seeks revenge against fellow classmates and local citizens, planting roadside crosses to mark their deaths as a prelude to his carnage. Body l..
Brand: Transworld Publishers Ltd Model: 9780593066553
America in 1963 is a country at a crossroads- Vietnam, the civil rights movement, the Cuban missile crisis, the sexual revolution, FBI, CIA, LSD and a promise of change offered by a new President, John F Kennedy. Some people believe in the future. Others conspire to control it. Chandler Forrestal is..
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