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Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452162478
Who had the greatest last words, and what were they? Who enjoyed the slowest, most tedious death? Who had it coming more than anyone else? From the celebrated comedy ensemble SpyMonkey and acclaimed illustrator Chris Riddell, this hilariously morbid (and informative!) trump card game has players tes..
Brand: Dunmore Publishing Limited Model: 9781877399251
Have your say: Influencing public policy in New Zealand is a straightforward guide for New Zealanders who want to understand how the public policy process works and how they can engage in it. Few people realise that they have the power to influence government policies. Have your say gives practical ..
Brand: Amberley Publishing Model: 9781445677163
Diana Rowden was a woman of the finest character. As an agent with the Special Operations Executive (SOE), she was dropped into France alongside Noor Inayat Khan and worked in the Resistance stronghold of the Franche-Comte department. Hunted at every turn by the Gestapo, Diana worked tirelessly for ..
Brand: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd Model: 9781782496038
Learn about all things dragon - lore, magic and where to find them - and how you can be more dragon in everyday life.Kirsten Riddle introduces you to the inspirational world of dragons. From the Chinese dragon, a symbol of auspicious power, to the Lindworm that appears in Norse mythology, dragons ha..
Brand: New Harbinger Publications Model: 9781572246003
Anxiety disorders are much more common in children than most people think. Indeed, anxiety disorders are the number one psychological problem for children, and this book makes widely accepted techniques readily available to every parent and child. Latest research shows that anxiety disorders can be ..
Brand: Pen & Sword Books Ltd Model: 9781526760685
This is a true story of a force of licensed to kill" secret agents, commanded by a real war time secret service chief code names M, with whom Ian Fleming worked, and upon whom his James Bond stories were based. Brigadier Colin Gubbins was M, the Special Operations Executive was his Secret Service, P..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781797201351
Icons features colourful, graphic, illustrated portraits by Monica Ahanonu of 50 of the most admired women in the fields of music, politics, human rights, film, and more accompanied by short biographies on each of them. With a bold colourful cover featuring beloved diva Diana Ross, Icons is a divers..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781797201368
This set of 20 notecards features illustrated portraits of iconic women by Monica Ahanonu. This colourful boxed set features bold and beautiful illustrations of the world's most inspiring and well-known women including Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Lady Gaga, and many more...
Brand: Pen & Sword Books Ltd Model: 9781526742148
It's a scandal! How often we use that phrase and what a catalogue of sins it covers. That's what this book is all about. It is literally a catalogue of sins - committed by some of the most celebrated names on the planet. Within these covers are startling stories of scandals during a century when sc..
Brand: Edify Limited Model: 9780947496647
The third edition of Introduction to Criminological Thought is a comprehensive update and revision of the second edition. It reports on new and important developments in criminology in both policy and practice. It is specifically focused on, and draws from, the New Zealand context and experience. T..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523504732
Many books put you to sleep without meaning to. But here is a book specially created to send the reader on a long, restful voyage to slumberland and inspire beautiful and creative dreams along the way. It is a soothing bedtime companion, a portal that takes you from the busyness and distraction of t..
Brand: New Harbinger Publications Model: 9781572242791
In It Happened to Me, a psychologist presents guided exercises to help teens who have been sexually abused reflect on what happened to them, examine its impact on their lives, and motivate themselves to begin to develop healthy and loving relationships as they move toward adulthood...
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