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Brand: Dunmore Publishing Limited Model: 9781927212219
This book focuses on the behind-the-scenes planning and decision-making which are important when there are concerns for students' moderate to severe behaviour or learning difficulties. From referral to case closure, the book outlines important considerations to be made at each phase of the process, ..
Brand: Dunmore Publishing Limited Model: 9781927212103
Educational institutions and commercial organisations wishing to create a research culture will gain a lot from this book. It is a clear guide as to how to achieve this, including where to get started, and why research is worth doing. It demystifies the research process and supports the understandin..
Brand: Dunmore Publishing Limited Model: 9781927212042
This book, written by two highly qualified New Zealand literacy researchers, is for students and other individuals with dyslexia and also for those working with them as tutors and in the workplace. The book cuts new ground in our understanding of dyslexia. It brings together in one volume the latest..
Brand: Charlesbridge Publishing,U.S. Model: 9781570911644
Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ameter, and Radius are back in their second Math Adventure! This time, a potion has changed Sir Cumference into a fire-breathing dragon. Can Radius change him back? Join Radius on his quest through the castle to solve a riddle that will reveal the cure. It lies in discover..
Brand: New Harbinger Publications Model: 9781608827572
Teaching kids stress management skills early in life will help them to grow into happy and healthy adults. And if you work with children or adolescents, you know that kids today need these skills more than ever. The pressures they face in the classroom, on the playground, in their extracurricular ac..
Brand: Sellers Publishing, Incorporated Model: 9781569065327
Themed notebook with tabbed dividers: Class Schedules, Lesson...
Brand: Eleanor Curtain Publishing Model: 9781760385163
Teaching reading comprehension, 2nd edition, provides teachers working in years 4 to 8 with practical research-based strategies and ideas that support best practices in reading instruction. Highly informative and practical, this new edition of Teaching reading comprehension uses current research to ..
Brand: S&L Publishing Ltd Model: 9780473236878
The Writing Book is a teacher friendly guide to teaching writing at emergent, early and fluent levels. It includes practical information that will support primary and middle school teachers to plan and deliver an effective writing programme...
Brand: Princeton Architectural Press Model: 9781616898328
The Writing Deck follows a similar format to A Few Minutes of Design: a card deck with writing prompts each describing a 5-10 minute task: Retell a familiar story from three different perspectives. Describe an object without naming it. Describe a scene without using adjectives. These prompts can be ..
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