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Technology: general issues

Brand: Australian Geographic Pty Ltd Model: 9781616283995
Fire up your soldering iron, charge up that drill, and get ready to hack! From a tiny theremin to a watermelon keg, from an automatic cat feeder to a glowing mousepad, the ingenious and hilarious projects in The Big Book of Hacks are perfect for aspiring makers. And its all brought to you by the DIY..
Brand: Veloce Publishing Ltd Model: 9781787113558
Extraordinary engineering; extraordinary places: this book takes you on a fascinating journey to visit marvellous engineering and technological achievements around the world. * From deep underground in an Arizona missile silo, to being in the pilot"s seat of one of the biggest hovercraft that has ev..
Brand: Wily Publications Model: 9781927167038
It is easy to understand why Auckland has the largest population of any region in the country. It is blessed with two very sheltered harbours and probably the mildest climate in New Zealand. Auckland has become the commercial capital of New Zealand, but this hasn't happened without the innovation an..
Brand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd Model: 9780947493561
In Innovate! Richard Bentley reviews our technology-based business sectors and finds that they are fragmented and that key sectors are threatened by emerging technologies and innovative competitors who are smarter, faster and cheaper. He also finds that our science and innovation system is biased to..
Brand: HighBridge Audio Model: 9781598875232
The first book to capture both the Soviet and American sides of the event that started the space race and changed our world. On October fourth, 1957, a time of Cold War paranoia, the Soviet Union secretly launched the Earth's first artificial moon. No bigger than a basketball, the tiny satellite was..
Brand: Hachette Children's Group Model: 9780340945322
Starting with early humans who have no things, through to farming, civilizations, inventions, steam, electricity, computers, and the world we live in now, Neal Layton explores ideas, inventions and discoveries.In his usual quirky style and energetic illustrations, Neal Layton tells this story in an ..
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