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Brand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd Model: 9781927242810
Kevin Ireland is one of our most prominent and well-loved writers. This is his 21st book of poetry; he has also published short stories, novels and memoirs. Kevin has won numerous awards, including the 2004 Prime Minister's Award for Literary Achievement, and in 2006 the A W Reed Award for his contr..
Brand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd Model: 9781877577123
Fly Boy - poems about planes and the people who fly them - celebrates a lifelong fascination with flight...
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452144108
A treasure trove of inspiring quotations in the tradition of the bestselling Whatever You Are, Be a Good One, this new volume from beloved author and artist Lisa Congdon gathers rousing wisdom from history's great minds on how to be bold, stay strong, and take courage. Uplifting calls to action and ..
Brand: Oratia Media Model: 9780947506414
Before the 1970s, Maori existed in New Zealand literature as figures created by Pakeha writers. The Maori renaissance of the 1970s changed all that. Fiction writers led by Ihimaera and Grace challenged earlier stereotypes and inherited literary forms, creating a new body of writing that has redefine..
Brand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd Model: 9780947493899
What the critics have said about Michael Richards' poems: I've known Michael's poems from when we were both young men. Over the years, I, among others, have pushed him to collect the poems together. It's been a long wait for that to happen. But it has. Well worth the wait I know. - Sam Hunt Richards..
Brand: Welbeck Publishing Group Model: 9781853758690
During the 100 years from the middle of the nineteenth century to the 1950s, every important element of crime fiction was created. Each type of detective was born and their style of detection established, from the police detective and the amateur sleuth, right up to the hard-boiled detective and on ..
Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9781844037933
From a creative crisis to a dissatisfied editor, and from a bizarre twist of fate to an untimely death, behind each unpublished book lies a unique and compelling story. One of the giants of modern literature, Ernest Hemingway, saw three years of work, including a novel and several short stories, van..
Brand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd Model: 9781877338779
Sue Wootton is a newcomer to New Zealand poetry. "Hourglass" is full of wry humour and acute observation. Sue Wootton's work has appeared in the New Zealand Listener, Poetry New Zealand, Takahe, JAAM, Bravado, Turbine, North and South, Otago Daily Times, Under Flagstaff and the 2003 and 2004 New Zea..
Brand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd Model: 9781877448683
Announcing the launch of the first book of a significant new talent in the New Zealand literary scene. Tim Upperton has already been noticed by Landfall, NZ Listener, New Zealand Books and other judges of fine talent...
Brand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd Model: 9781877338915
Award-winning poet Glenn Colquhoun's innovative new collection describes his ten year relationship with his former wife..through all its highs, cries, lies and sighs. Vivid imagery - colourful storytelling - bittersweet humour.. this is poetry for anyone who has ever fallen in, or out, of love...
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