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Reference, information & interdisciplinary subjects

Brand: Australian Geographic Pty Ltd Model: 9781742456317
The ultimate list book, 100 x 100 takes ten subject areas - the visual, literary and performing arts, science, nature, history, sport, design, technology and philosophy - and subdivides each one into ten sections of 100 profiles each, giving you a phenomenal 10,000 profiles of the best of everyth..
Brand: Learning Media Ltd Model: 9780790326276
This book celebrates in words and images, the publication that over the last hundred years has shaped the country we live in. Over the course of its history, the School Journal has attracted work from some of New Zealand's greatest writers and artists, among them Margaret Mahy, James K. Baxter, Jane..
Brand: Learning Media Ltd Model: 9780790319636
The School Journal will be 100 years old in May 2007. A Nest of Singing Birds: One hundred years of the New Zealand School Journal - a fullcolour, lavishly illustrated book by award-winning writer Gregory O'Brien - celebrates, in words and images, the publication that over the last hundred years has..
Brand: Michael O'Mara Books Ltd Model: 9781782430001
This book looks at the story behind the world's most famous symbols, from the peace sign to the smiley. It shows just how much importance has been attached to the smallest and simplest of ideas, and features more than 40 of the most significant symbols from religion, politics, and popular culture do..
Brand: Octopus Publishing Group Model: 9781844036554
Who has not enjoyed the treasured moment of unearthing a beloved childhood book many years later and delighting in the tales that kept us rapt? The photographs and drawings, the avuncular tone, the care and attention to every detail, and the wonder of a by-gone age.There are many things to marvel at..
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