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Brand: Steam Press Model: 9780994138798
Air Born is Book 1 in the new YA scifi series Generation Icarus My past.My present. My future.Destroyed in an instant. So, who am I?Seventeen-year-old Tyler Owen is smart, good-looking, and destined to be a fighter pilot. He’s mapped our his life and knows exactly where he’s heade..
Brand: Steam Press Model: 9780995122024
Timos es un joven granjero que vive en una zona aislada del reino. Él y su familia desconocen por completo el resto del mundo o las constantes guerras entre los estados de las Ciudades de Castillo. Hasta que su aldea y otras cercanas son salvajemente atacadas por soldados. Timos pierde a su familia ..
Brand: Steam Press Model: 9781990000164
ทีโมสเป็นชาวนาหนุ่มที่อาศัยอยู่ในพื้นที่ห่างไกลของอาณาจักร เขาและครอบครัวต่าง ไม่รู้เรื่องราวของโลกภายนอกหรือเรื่องราวของสงครามที่เกิดขึ้นมาอย่างยาวนานใน เมืองปราสาทแม้แต่น้อย จนกระทั่งหมู่บ้านของทีโมสและหมู่บ้านในบริเวณใกล้เคียงถูก ทหารติดอาวุธบุกโจมตีอย่างโหดร้าย จากความโกลาหลที่เกิดขึ้น ทำ�ให้ทีโ..
Brand: RSVP Publishing Model: 9780958218283
Crystal Mission begins with the Greenpeace Antarctic expedition and leads a New Zealand doctor into fantastic territory: the discovery of a planetary electro-magnetic grid, and its connection with ancient foundation points like the Great Pyramid of Giza, a crystal mountain in Arizona, and secret sit..
Brand: RSVP Publishing Model: 9780994138750
The lines between fantasy and reality become blurred, as two teens search for truth on islands in opposite hemispheres...Fourteen-year-old Madison Prescott is convinced her dead mother's griffin medallion has mysterious powers. How else can she explain her sudden, baffling ability to complete Mr Man..
Brand: Steam Press Model: 9781990000188
Clash of Kings Alliance Series Book 1: The Recruit by Stephen Leaton (Indonesian)Timos adalah seorang petani muda di wilayah terpencil dari suatu kerajaan. Dia dan keluarganya tak tahu apapun tentang luasnya dunia atau peperangan yang terus menerus berlangsung di antara negara-negara Kota Kastil. Hi..
Brand: Steam Press Model: 9781990000140
Timos krallığın ücra bir köşesinde yaşayan bir genç çiftçidir. Kendisi ve ailesi etraflarındaki daha geniş dünya ya da Kale Şehir devletlerinin sürekli savaşları hakkında hiçbir şey bilmemektedirler. Ta ki Timos’un köyü ve yakındaki başka köyler güçlü silahları olan askerlerce vahşice saldırıya uğra..
Brand: RSVP Publishing Model: 9780959794892
Search for the Feathered Serpent is a sequel to Dr van Dorp'€™s earlier books Crystal Mission and Trail of the Hawk, and also retells them in brief summary.It is a record of the doctor's own personal journey as he tried to make sense out of life, from his earlier days in medical school and general p..
Brand: Steam Press Model: 9780995122031
Book 1 of The Threshold TrilogyIn three volumes Doina Roman has done something that only a writer of undeniable talent can: create a fantastic universe, with its own logic, justification and coherence, populated with strange people and beings, who nevertheless behave, act and carry out dialogues in ..
The Wind City by Summer Wigmore
2-3 Days
Brand: Steam Press Model: 9780992257866
Wellington. The wind city. New Zealand'€™s home of art and culture, but darker forces, forgotten forces, are starting to reappear.Aotearoa'€™s displaced gods and monsters -€“ the patupaiarehe, taniwha, and ponaturi of legend - have decided to make Wellington their home, and while some have come look..
Brand: Steam Press Model: 9780994108975
Thistle is having a terrible week.Her mother has been incarcerated after throwing a pickled pumpkin through a window of the War Office, and now Thistle has been sent to stay with her aunt in Lily Gate. Mappo,Thistle's familiar seems distinctly unimpressed, and even making friends with a gargoyle cal..
Brand: Steam Press Model: 9780994131676
This is the exciting new ebook available exclusively from Five Dogs Books based on the film Into the Rainbow (奇迹:追逐彩虹; The Wonder: Chasing Rainbows) to be released in China in April 2019. To celebrate the film's release in China we are offering you this special price!Unlock its Secret. Save the Worl..
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