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Brand: RSVP Publishing Model: 9780959794847
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Proxima Nova'} In 16 short stories Carloyn Young skewers love, trust and commitment,. Her delineating eye leads unerringly to that vital moment in relationships when fate hangs in the balance. Her range is astonishing, her vision unique...
Brand: RSVP Publishing Model: 9780959794892
Search for the Feathered Serpent is a sequel to Dr van Dorp'€™s earlier books Crystal Mission and Trail of the Hawk, and also retells them in brief summary.It is a record of the doctor's own personal journey as he tried to make sense out of life, from his earlier days in medical school and general p..
Brand: RSVP Publishing Model: 9780959794878
Bad debts, a family tragedy, and miserable marriage. Architects Meg and Michael are knackered in The Lotto Winner. Until she wins three-and-a-million dollars, that is, and then their troubles really begin.Imagine: your business has gone bust, your marriage is failing and your life is generally ..
Brand: RSVP Publishing Model: 9780958218252
The Seed is the first and only English edition of Florence Kiss'€™s prize-winning French novel 'Seuls€™'.When the lights go out and the world ceases to exist after thermonuclear war - when all order breaks down and the last remnants of the human race mutate into unrecognisable creatures, half-man, h..
Brand: RSVP Publishing Model: 9780958218238
The Spell of Morpheus - a story of women and drugs in one New Zealand town - was adapted by author Julia Sutherland from her psychology thesis while she was a PhD student at Otago University.She describes the novel as "a journey in and out of a fairytale"€, and she based the book around the ex..
Brand: RSVP Publishing Model: 9780959794861
A sequel to Crystal Mission, Trail of the Hawk is a fascinating 8,000-mile trip undertaken by four New Zealanders and a Choctaw Indian guide around the American Indian nations.On a deeper level it is an exploration into the history of Aotearoa, and a sacred journey of initiation into the shamanic re..
Brand: RSVP Publishing Model: 9780473231477
When Kim and Jeanette Goldwater planted their first tiny vineyard on a couple of hillside acres on the magical island of Waiheke, just 15 miles east of Auckland City, all the leading experts warned them that grapes would not grow in that inclement salt-laden environment.The Goldwaters, both 4th gene..
Brand: RSVP Publishing Model: 9780958218276
Matakite-o-Maui is in fact a very ancient system of divination for prophesy used by the Maori seers and prophets. It is created around Maui-tikitiki-a-Te Ranga, otherwise known as Maui, a demi-god, a hero by his many feats, and also an ancient ancestor to Maori.Accounts of Maui'€™s life are portraye..
Brand: RSVP Publishing Model: 9780958218214
Hatha Yoga is tantric practice. While Vedantic Brahmans -€“ the caretakers and contemporary proponents of Yoga - €“borrowed tantric practices to develop their religious aspirations to transcend this world, they denied the essential purpose of Yoga to link the mind to the wonder of our own condition...
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