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'The Battle of Britain: Portraits of the Few' is an exceptional tribute to the small group of legendary pilots that served with the Royal Air Force through one of the most critical periods of the Second World War. Portraits of the Few contains over 60 colour illustrations, capturing the images and c..
Brand: Fighting High Ltd Model: 9780957116313
The number of aircrew of Bomber Command who lost their lives during the Second World War was 55,573, yet no campaign medal was awarded and their bravery and sacrifice went largely unrecognised. On 28 June 2012 this was corrected with the dedication and unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial in The..
Brand: Fighting High Ltd Model: 9780956269614
Following the success of Volume 1, acclaimed military aviation author Steve Darlow brings together another collection of stories telling of the extreme bravery, heroism and sacrifice of the men who fought the European air battle during World War Two. Once more each story is told at a personal level..
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As a teenager `Tich' Palliser became `hooked on this flying game' and aspired to take to the skies. The Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve provided the opportunity and a few months before the Second World War broke out the Yorkshire-born novice was called-up to learn and develop his skills as a comba..
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