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White Star

Brand: White Star Model: 9788854408456
As you gaze at these evocative images and read profound reflections from sages throughout history, you'll immediately feel joy, serenity, and beauty wash over you. The awe-inspiring photos capture nature in all her glory, from sea to trees to sky, while the quotes come from such inspirational figure..
Brand: White Star Model: 9788854409323
*** AUSTRALIAN BAND *** Take four cute, likable boys from Sydney. Add a heavy dose of rock, the fast, electric and fun kind, enhanced by powerful melodies that lend themselves to harmonies. What you get is some idea of what lies behind 5 Seconds of Summer, the most high-profile band of the moment. ..
Brand: White Star Model: 9788854408012
The pages of this book illustrate the history of the most famous and important aircraft of the last 100 years, to provide readers with an overview of the incredible progress humankind has made in the field of aeronautics. AUTHOR: Riccardo Niccoli is a journalist, writer, photographer and one of Ita..
Brand: White Star Model: 9788854413153
A land of dreams, magic, fantastical characters: this is Wonderland, where young Alice ends up by chance and gradually discovers in all its rich colour. She will meet unforgettable characters - the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter - who have enchanted generations of readers. Lewis Ca..
Brand: White Star Model: 9788854406117
There are many countries with magnificent scenes to be photographed, but none with the diversity of America - from the sunny beaches of Florida, to the rugged, hostile peaks and glaciers of Alaska, and the comfortable magnificence of the Grand Canyon, and from the island paradise of Hawaii to the de..
Brand: White Star Model: 9788854408043
Twelve titles to satisfy the curiosity and passion of all sort of readers, from animal lovers to motorcycle fans to historical vehicle enthusiasts. These books, distinguished by their handy, small size, are illustrated with spectacular images and written with passion and care by experts in the diffe..
Brand: White Star Model: 9788854406360
At first glance the Arctic is a desolate wilderness made of ice and snow. But in fact this "Treasure Chamber of the North" is one of the most multifaceted regions and an animal kingdom. People that wanted to settle there really accomplished something special. Nature photographer Bernd Rommelt was tr..
Brand: White Star Model: 9788854409248
Coffee is the best known beverage in the world, but its origins are shrouded in mystery. What we do know is that the plant's native soil is Ethiopia and that from there it crossed Africa and reached Arabia. It spread to Europe in the seventeenth century and was then shipped to the Americas and the F..
Brand: White Star Model: 9788854410251
Art Nouveau: Liberty, modernism, Jugendstil... many names for a single essence: a style, an artistic movement, a trend that spread throughout Europe and the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, influencing the most diverse artistic fields architecture, interior design, applied arts,..
Brand: White Star Model: 9788854407992
Distinguished by its handy, small size, the Pocket Books series is illustrated with spectacular images and written with passion and care by an experts in their fields. An ideal journey of discovery in the world of young animals, using wonderful images and text to describe the mother-child relation..
Brand: White Star Model: 9788854413641
A series of illustrated books specifically designed for children in elementary education, narrating the stories of those great historical figures that have left their mark on humanity in fields such as science, art, exploration, music, fashion and other subjects. Young readers will be able to read..
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