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Eunoia Literature

Brand: Eunoia Literature Model: 9780994104762
 A beautiful summer. An ugly past that won't stay buried.Paediatric surgeon Claire Bowerman has reluctantly returned to Auckland from London. Calm, rational and in control, she loves delicately repairing her small patients' wounds. Tragically, wounds sometimes made by the children's own familie..
Red Dust Over Shanghai by Tyl von Randow
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Brand: Eunoia Literature Model: 9780994104779
Imagine the flipside of Empire of the Sun.A German boy grows up in Shanghai'€™s International Settlement in the shadow of World War II. He is the son of a diplomat and lives a sheltered, privileged life. But his world is changing. It is the time of the Japanese occupation, Chennault's Flying Tigers,..
Brand: Eunoia Literature Model: 9780994104731
Rich Man Road is the story of two women immigrants to New Zealand and their interconnecting stories.Olga - In 1944, twelve-year-old Olga allows an untrue rumour to circulate in her Dalmatian village. That misunderstanding reverberates through the final stages of World War II, the refugee camps of Eg..
Brand: Eunoia Literature Model: 9780994104724
When the past won't leave you alone...On the last day of 1979, sisters Gilly and Marina and their little brother Davy are running wild with all the other children at a remote campsite on a beautiful Northland beach. While the adults party, the children's games grow more reckless.Over the next seven ..
Brand: Eunoia Literature Model: 9780994104700
A quirky picture books for grownupsPeople interpret paintings in various ways. But ask a group of writers to respond, and you enter strange and unexpected worlds.The Bitter Sweet Philosophies is an art book with a difference, in which a collective of writers known as KK Jart engage with the surreali..
Brand: Eunoia Literature Model: 9780994104793
Much more than a bookTo engage with this work is more than reading, it is living inside Richard's mind and trying to unravel the past. It questions what 'self' means with poetic magical realism and narrative. Selves within selves, a book within a book, hidden meanings and metaphors. Was Richard a mi..
Brand: Eunoia Literature Model: 9780994104793
An acclaimed masterpiece of suspense, this psychological thriller is a mesmerising journey into the mind of a brilliant but disturbingly deceitful woman who uses an encrypted blog to communicate with her ex-lover, Callum.Hauntingly poetic, the ingenious plot leaves you guessing till the end. Through..
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