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Brand: Little, Brown Book Group Model: 9781847445483
Occupied Paris, 1944. The swastika flies from the top of the Eiffel Tower, Nazi officers patrol the elegant boulevards and the once-vibrant city is shrouded in suspicion and fear.At a chic Right Bank address, a ghastly pile of dismembered bodies is discovered. Even in these sinister times, the crime..
Brand: Little, Brown Book Group Model: 9780349118048
Isabel Dalhousie thinks often of friends, sometimes of lovers, and on occasion of chocolate. As an Edinburgh philosopher she is certain of where she stands. She can review a book called In Praise of Sin with panache and conviction, but real life is...well, perhaps a bit more challenging - particular..
Brand: Little, Brown Book Group Model: 9780751548211
Set between the years 1938-48, this is the story of three generations of women living in the same house during the war years.Aggie, the grandmother, is a strong matriarchal figure, who keeps the family together - until her age begins to get to her and Grace, the main central character, starts to loo..
Brand: Little, Brown Book Group Model: 9781472120038
For more than 80 years H. P. Lovecraft has inspired writers of horror and supernatural fiction with his dark vision of humankind's insignificant place in a vast, uncaring cosmos. At the time of his death in 1937, Lovecraft was virtually unknown, but from early cult status his readership expanded exp..
Brand: Little, Brown Book Group Model: 9780749954154
Did you know that: It's against the law to check into a hotel in London under assumed names for the purpose of lovemaking? Under a statute of Edwards II all whales washed up on the shore belong to the monarch? Under a Tudor law Welshmen are not allowed into the city of Chester after dark?In THE STRA..
Brand: Little, Brown Book Group Model: 9781849010474
A brand-new, fantastic, enormous collection of 5,000 jokes, gags and one-liners - indexed and categorised to help with finding the right joke for any occasion or audience, from Bar-Mitzvahs to bar-rooms. Two Nuns in a Bath is the consummate collection, with jokes on every subject under the sun, from..
Brand: Little, Brown Book Group Model: 9781780331256
Following the success of the bestselling book Zooborns, the creators of the popular zoology news blog, bring readers the newest and cutest exotic cats from accredited zoos. Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland have access to hundreds of cats from all over the globe and provide interesting ..
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