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Brand: Graduate Press Model: 9780994138774
A poetry collection by esteemed poet Tim Heath. Tim Heath has had a lifelong interest in writing poetry, but only allowed this interest to progress beyond the occasional dabble after he stopped working as a teacher in 2009. In his retirement he has enjoyed, in addition to trying to get words onto pa..
Brand: Graduate Press Model: 9781990000751
PRE-ORDEROpening Little Boxes is a series of reflections by three generations of a family living in one home during the COVID-19 lockdown.Each chapter is written from the perspective of a different family member (including two pets). The characters reveal their inner concerns and feelings and f..
Brand: Graduate Press Model: 9780995122048
BACK IN STOCKThe Length of a Wish is about a young woman who gets cancer and creates an imaginary hero to helpher through her journey.It covers going to appointments, shopping, insomnia, trying to buy marijuana, going on imaginaryadventures, and exploring life.It’s about being honest and dishonest a..
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