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Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614284741
More than just a stop on the jet-set circuit, Gstaad's great charm is its gemu tlich-cosy and cheerful-style and atmosphere. The village owes much of its beauty to its natural surroundings as well as to the local architecture of enchanting wooden chalets. From storied hotels-Palace, Park, Bellevue, ..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614280095
"Between the hyper-educated alumni it produces, the exquisite architecture and the athletic rivalries, there's no doubt that the Ivy League culture inspires a good deal of fascination - and now there's a book to chronicle it" Rugby Ralph Lauren Much more than a group of eight universities, the Ivy ..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9782843237126
Enfant terrible of the French fashion world, Jean-Paul Gaultier has astonished us with his inventiveness, energy, and ability to have fun since his first collection at the end of the '70s. A master of mixing styles --often from the streets of London and Paris--his clothes break down the barriers bet..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614285205
With the credo "history and savoir faire working in unison," internationally acclaimed interior designer Juan Pablo Molyneux creates luxurious interiors the way others write epics. Molyneux"s interiors are space-time extravaganzas, and the designer surrounds himself with master artisans adept at cen..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614284437
One of the most unmistakable shapes in the world since its introduction in 1915, the Coca-Cola Contour Bottle is an influential symbol of design, art, and culture. Identified by its iconic contour fluted lines and described by noted industrial designer, Raymond Loewy as the "perfect liquid wrapper,"..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614282884
Since 1843, Krug has been one of the most illustrious names in fine champagne, founded on the pursuit of character and meticulous focus on detail. Today the sixth generation of the Krug family continues to invest the same passion and commitment. The House of Krug was founded in Reims in 1843 by Jose..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614282952
What secret magic can make a fashion accessory timeless? Longchamp's Le Pliage bags are the perfect embodiment of this mystery, with their connection to the Zeitgeist, pure style, accomplished craftsmanship, and ground-breaking shape. Designed twenty years ago by Philippe Cassegrain (the son of the ..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614280309
"I always try to give my photographs a feeling of timelessness...I never know the photograph I'm going to make, the photograph comes to me, it finds me." - Jean Michel Berts The latest in a collection of volumes with Jean-Michel Berts' atmospheric photographs taken at daybreak, The Light of Istanbu..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614282082
"Jerusalem is a port city on the shore of eternity." Yehuda Amichai Moving, dreamlike excerpts from Nobel Prize winning writer and humanitarian Elie Wiesel's acclaimed 1968 novel 'A Beggar in Jerusalem' introduce this latest volume in Assouline's 'The Light of' collection. Showcasing Jean-Michel Be..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614280422
"By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show." Samuel Johnson Expanding on Assouline's popular series, The Light of Londonshowcases a new collection of evocative black-and-white images by photographer Jean-Michel Berts. In the twilight of dawn, when the stately avenues and g..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614280231
"I always try to give my photographs a feeling of timelessness...I never know the photograph I'm going to make, the photograph comes to me, it finds me." Jean-Michel Berts Joining Assouline's acclaimed The Light of... series, this latest volume sees lensman Jean-Michel Berts not only turn his maste..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614281566
Lauded by Homer and Pindar, Pliny and Plutarch, the ancient Greek site of Delphi was revered for centuries as the "navel of the earth." Seekers came from all over Greece to consult the mysterious Oracle and Sibyl, and great athletes and musicians participated in its Pythian Games. Dedicated to Apoll..
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