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Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614285168
Summer is the perfect time for entertaining outdoors, where flavours are enhanced by grill smoke, sea spray, and the camaraderie of a shared meal. In 'Smoke & Fire', journalist and author Holly Peterson shares themed menus for delightful outdoor gatherings. She has worked with chefs across the count..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614284444
In exclusive collaboration with Lionsgate, Assouline presents 'Tim Palen: Photographs from The Hunger Games'. Compiled in one deluxe volume, Palen's portraits capture each character with striking intimacy and transform the high-octane adventure of the films into exquisite visual art. Through Palen..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9782843236556
The work, nothing but the work. That should be enough. But with Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, how can one leave the man aside? How can you not combing his life and his very existence, with his work as an artist? The two are inseparably intertwined. To dwell on his paintings, drawings and lithographs--whic..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614286608
Transform is a peek into the fantastic imagination of an editorial makeup artist. With a single model as her palette for these sixty stunning looks, Toni Malt works utter magic. While she details her inspiration and application process and reveals the encyclopedic product knowledge that goes into cr..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614281092
Founded by French-Brazilian fashion designer Anne Fontaine in 2011, the Anne Fontaine Foundation's mission is to create a global initiative to reforest the planet, focusing first on saving and protecting Brazil's Mata Atlantica Forest from extinction. Not only is this mission of the organisation, bu..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9782759402533
The yellow labels of the House Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin have become global icons, evoking excellence in champagne. By coincidence, Madame Clicquot named her daughter Clementine, never suspecting that the labels of her champagne would one day be defined by that shining optimistic hue. The Veuve Clicq..
Brand: Assouline Model: 9781614282464
"Young Hollywood is a blend of everything we expect of women today ... these young Hollywood talents represent the juggling and speed that's necessary today, but they're able to channel something that feels old-world glamorous at the same time. They may be young, but they project an intelligence and..
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