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Brand: Timber Press Model: 9781604697629
Filled with fun facts, fascinating histories, and aerial photography, this up-in-the-sky exploration of North America's most spectacular geological formations will delight armchair geologists and window-seat travellers. Sit back and enjoy a new view. Filled with fun facts, fascinating histories, a..
Brand: Timber Press Model: 9781604694895
"In this beautiful book, artist Zenaida Sengo has provided inspiration for designing and living with tillandsias." Flora GrubbAir Plants, by Zenaida Sengo shows how simple and rewarding it is to grow, craft, and design with these modern beauties. Decorating with air plants is made easy with stunnin..
Brand: Timber Press Model: 9781604692358
The Anxious Gardener's Book of Answers identifies the 100 most common gardening mistakes and gives gardeners the techniques to prevent them. Or, if it's too late and they've already goofed, there are tips to fix the mistake. The book's 24 chapters tackle every kind of gardening disaster, whether it..
Brand: Timber Press Model: 9781604695496
"Kathi guides you to all the joys of an aromatic garden with wonderful tips, fascinating facts, and sumptuous photos." Mandy Aftel, acclaimed natural perfumer and author of Essence and Alchemy and Fragrant The Aromatherapy Garden explains how fragrant plants can be as therapeutic as they are intoxi..
Brand: Timber Press Model: 9781604695441
This visually stunning book shows gardeners how to incorporate the lessons of Chanticleer, one of the most imaginative public gardens in the United States, into their own landscapes. "Delightful!" -The New York Times Book Review Discover a world of beauty and creativity! Chanticleer has been call..
Brand: Timber Press Model: 9780881928310
What makes a garden "authentic"? For American gardeners, this question can be vexing. Because America is a comparatively young nation, it hasn't had much time to develop an indigenous garden style. Gardeners have therefore tended to turn to other national traditions for inspiration. The unhappy resu..
Brand: Timber Press Model: 9781604692389
With Beautiful No-Mow Yards, you can transform your lawn into a liveable garden and bring nature's beauty into your life! What has your perfect green lawn done for you lately? Is it really worth the time, effort, and resources you lavish on it? Armed with encouragement, inspiration, and cutting-edge..
Brand: Timber Press Model: 9781604691887
Growing your own vegetables has never looked, or tasted, so good. Are heirloom vegetables more difficult to grow than conventional hybrids? The Beginner's Guide to Growing Heirloom Vegetables debunks this myth by highlighting the 100 heirloom vegetables that are the easiest to grow and the tastiest..
Brand: Timber Press Model: 9781604696745
A fresh approach and simple way to transform your yard! The prospect of revamping a yard is daunting. Where do you start? How do all the various areas come together in a beautiful, cohesive way? 'The Beginner's Guide to Starting a Garden' simplifies the process by showing you how to spend fewer h..
Brand: Timber Press Model: 9780881928822
Members of the bleeding heart family, such as the well-known Chinese bleeding heart, have long been among the best-loved flowers of the perennial border. In recent years, however, excitement about this group has reached fever pitch with the introduction of dozens of stunning new discoveries, partic..
Brand: Timber Press Model: 9781604690552
Orchids have a reputation as the divas of the plant world: fussy, difficult-to-grow plants that on top of all that are prohibitively expensive. But there are plenty of orchids that anyone can grow. Orchids are no more difficult than familiar houseplants such as the African violet, and can be made ..
Brand: Timber Press Model: 9780881928099
With their delicate foliage, seasonal colour changes, and intricate pattern of branching, Japanese maples are among the most popular and suitable plants for bonsai design. In this long-awaited book, internationally renowned expert Peter Adams discusses both the specific horticultural needs of Japan..
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