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Blue Apple Books

Brand: Blue Apple Books Model: 9781609050443
Just one look was all it took for Bear to fall in love with Bunny. But how should Bear show this love? With candy? Or song and dance? With delightful illustrations by award-winning artist Sophie Fatus, warm and witty words perfectly express how love casts its spell on man and beast!..
Brand: Blue Apple Books Model: 9781593546298
Buzzy puts on a red shirt and his friend puts on a purple hat. Buzzy frosts a cupcake with pink frosting, and his friend mixes blue and yellow together to make green. Buzzy, the little donkey, introduces colours and the way they combine...
Brand: Blue Apple Books Model: 9781593546021
The author's cheerful, energetic animals compare their similarities and differences. A mouse finger puppet attached to the book encourages playful, interactive reading and it 'talks' to the animal in the book and to the listening child...
Brand: Blue Apple Books Model: 9781934706602
Deborah Zemke has taught many readers how to make fun, easy, and personality-filled doodles from letters and numbers, and her Doodles at Dinner placemats are a hit! "Doodles at Lunch" offers 36 new placemats, featuring one doodle for each letter of the alphabet plus the numbers 1 through 10...
Brand: Blue Apple Books Model: 9781934706220
The winsome art of Liz Murphy is presented in a new format: animal postcards that can be removed from the book and sent to friends, complete with sayings such as "Have a bow-wow birthday!" All the pages are perforated so that after the postcards have been sent, a mini-book remains, complete with art..
Brand: Blue Apple Books Model: 9781593541576
In the year 165 B.C.E., Mattathias and the Maccabees defeated the Syrians and reclaimed their Great Temple in Jerusalem. Though they planned an eight-day celebration to rededicate the Temple, they had lamp oil for only one day. Miraculously, the oil burned for eight days. Every year Jews around the ..
Brand: Blue Apple Books Model: 9781593546175
This picture book celebrates the miracles of the Hebrew Scriptures, telling the stories of 'Daniel in the Lion's Den', 'Noah's Ark', and 'Jonah and the Whale'...
Brand: Blue Apple Books Model: 9781609053161
The format is a tri-fold case that snaps together to form an almost palm-size suitcase (without a handle). When opened and unfolded, there are 3 attached pockets which contain paper for color-coded doodle drawing activities--3 pieces of paper for each activity. Each activity includes: --interesting ..
Brand: Blue Apple Books Model: 9781609050764
How can you take care of me? Let me count the ways. Photographs of whimsical, handmade dolls by textile artist Tatiana Oles accompany a lively text. Readers will delight in following the zany stuffed animals through a variety of commands that all center on - me! From the timeless Play with Me to the..
Brand: Blue Apple Books Model: 9781609053093
Ages 5 and upSong-like rhyming text invites readers to guess what different components add up to. For example, a secret's part whisper, part keeping mum, and a certain kind of fruit is part peach and part plum (a nectarine). When you're on the equator you're part south and part north, and a certain ..
Brand: Blue Apple Books Model: 9781593546250
Aimed at children aged five to eight years, this book focuses on things that can go wrong with your body. Humorous poems are interspersed throughout a fact-filled text to entertain youngsters and reinforce concepts. Whimsical artwork by Amanda Haley lightens the tone and helps make daunting subjects..
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