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Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473488833
At a time when consumers are looking for more and more connection with the foods they eat, Michael Barker proudly shares the Barker's of Geraldine journey, the people, the innovations and the philosophies that still guide them. This is a story of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, fun, dedication ..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473501976
Bill Birch was the quiet achiever of New Zealand politics. A trusted lieutenant to Prime Ministers Muldoon, Bolger and Shipley, Birch was at the heart of the action across a turbulent quarter-century of political and social change. From 'Think Big' and the Employment Contracts Act to overhauls of i..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473403775
This striking hardback book is full of activities and experiences for New Zealand children. It is an essential go-to resource for parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents of children aged 0 - 6. Are you looking for new ideas to engage your young child's curious mind and energetic body? Ideas that a..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473391737
Based on the true story of Bruce the cat who was found on the streets of Auckland when he was just one day old. His story went global and he now has over 35,000 followers from all over the world...
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473435271
Circa 300 BC: slavers are secretly active around the Black Sea, kidnapping children and forcing them into a life of deprivation and captivity. Sixteen-year-old Melo, a respected Amazon tribal leader in the Plains, is empowering the Tribe's children within the Peace Way. When Melo's friend Atalanta i..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473423834
This biography is the lively, persuasive and colourful story of a talented bisexual man who had to leave New Zealand to find a life as a painter on his own terms. Now almost 95, still resident in Paris, he is oldest survivor of his extraordinary generation of creative New Zealanders, and perhaps a m..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473437367
Donato has spent most of his life in a monastery, helping Cook in the kitchen, serving the monks at mealtimes and trying to avoid the abbot, Brother Benito. His only comfort is time spent with his protector, Brother Francesco, and trips to the top of the church spire. It is the only life he knows, b..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473364359
Double-edged Sword is a survival story like no other. In 2003 Simonne Butler's violent partner, high on methamphetamine, cut off both her hands with a samurai sword. Her hands were reattached in a groundbreaking marathon surgery and she spent the next decade healing her mind, body and spirit. Despit..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473388959
"I know this sounds crazy but there was blue light coming out of his hands and I could feel all my pain flowing out of me." When Dean Bradley is brutally murdered for his new shoes, undertaker Ken Tamati does a lovely job on the corpse - but next morning, the body has vanished from the funeral parlo..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473327422
A psychological thriller that will shock you to the core. Headstrong and independent, Rita Saunders is a successful hairdresser by day and a busy brothel madam by night. The only thing missing from her life is the love of a good woman. Istvan Ziegler is a Hungarian immigrant who has come to New Zeal..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473326685
Life has been pretty average for Cody Harrington lately. First, there's his job at the bike shop where he's being blamed for not locking the door and causing a burglary. Then there's his wild brother Zane who's promised his parents he's back on the rails, but is he? As for girls, they only exist in ..
Brand: Mary Egan Publishing Model: 9780473465995
`I know the pain at the gym is nowhere near as bad as the pain of depression . . . so I suck up the workout pain and push myself that bit harder.' Continuing ill-health and countless surgeries sent Auckland businessman Dave Burt spiralling down into the depths of despair and hopelessness. Something ..
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