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Model: 9781905460571
In the world of Aldebaran, readers live through the most fantastic sagas. Author Leo recounts humanity's first attempts to colonise distant planets. Kim and his companions will come across strange creatures and face the dangers of unknown worlds on their travels. They will witness the destruction ca..
Model: 9781905460700
The second volume of the epic, humanist fantasy tale set on Aldebaran - the planet where the first human colony in the solar system was founded. Mark and Kim, teenagers whose village was annihilated, have met a woman called Alexia during their escape. She's a biologist and a friend of Driss, who kno..
Model: 9781905460939
Mark and Kim, who have lost the rest of the group, are left with the wounded Ling-Li. Luckily, Alexa quickly meets up with them and they're on their way to the sea again. But when the governor and Father Loomis catch up, they're taken straight to the mantris. The Betelgeuse Planet - also included in..
Stock: 9 Model: 9781849181969
Ivan, Leila, Camille, Terry, Dodzi. Five children who have never met each other, who live very different lives in a small city. Then, one day, they all wake up in their empty homes, walk out into empty streets and wander through the empty city - No adults, no other children; just the five of them ev..
Stock: 2 Model: 9781849184427
Murdered by the First Families' war leader, Camille has finally shown her true nature: she is the Midnight-Child, the envoy of Evil! Her friends, however, don't know it yet, as they've all been scattered by accident or treachery. Leila, imprisoned by Neosalem's authorities. Dodzi, captured by their ..
Stock: 6 Model: 9781849182065
In the abandoned town, the children have established a new home and organised a life for themselves. As they prepare for a trip to other cities in an attempt to determine the extent of the phenomenon that saw everyone else vanish, they encounter and learn to deal with the problems of an existence wi..
Stock: 7 Model: 9781849182508
The five Campton children are travelling to neighbouring cities by bus, desperately looking for other living humans. All they find are deserted settlements, burned forests and packs of feral dogs...Until one day they discover an amusement park filled with kids, all found and gathered by Saul, the ow..
Stock: 4 Model: 9781849182560
The five children, now accompanied by several dissidents from the Clan of the Shark, have returned to Campton, where Ivan found some clues about the night of the Vanishing. One evening, as they are discussing the organisation of their new camp, the Master of Knives comes to ask for their help ...and..
Stock: 6 Model: 9781849182966
It's a sad day for the Campton kids: they've just discovered Dodzi's lifeless body at the foot of a building, shot once in the chest. Convinced that whoever killed him must have come from the red zone - the no man's land marked out by the monkeys' cairns - Leila and Ivan decide to send an expedition..
Stock: 6 Model: 9781849183079
After the terrifying discovery of the monolith in thered zone, the children must now adapt to having Dodzi back among them -something they never expected. Problem is, Saul, too, is back, and the Clan ofthe Shark has relocated to Campton. While Ivan begins investigating the 15families that his father..
Stock: 11 Model: 9781849183475
The cold war between the Campton group and Saul's clan has finally erupted into open warfare, but the increasingly strange events that affect the abandoned city eventually silence even the most bellicose instincts: the red zone is sinking into the ground, and all of the children, regardless of their..
Stock: 3 Model: 9781849183826
Captured by a mysterious army just as they escaped a Campton overrun with `zombie' children, Dodzi's group, along with what's left of the Clan of the Shark, discover an entire civilisation, ruled over by children who have been in the In-Between-World for a long, long time. Strict rules, a caste syst..
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