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Brand: Imagination Press Model: 9780995114241
Branded Culture is a serious book about creating exceptional marketing and cultural change within the context of today's turbulent environment. But don't expect it to be served up as the intellectual equivalent of Kidney and Lentil Soup. This is a roller-coaster of hilarious stories and unexpected o..
Brand: Imagination Press Model: 9780995110441
In the pages of Scarfie Flats of Dunedin, Sarah Gallagher shares some of the stories of these flats, how they got their names, who lived in them and what life was like there...
Brand: Imagination Press Model: 9780995103283
P?keko, Kiwi and H?iho go for a walk through the forest. Join them while they explore, perform actions and sing...
Brand: Imagination Press Model: 9780995114258
When Alan Stevens was a boy in the 1960s, his brother would write him letters describing deer roaming the tops and river flats of Reefton. Without having ever lifted a rifle, Alan caught the hunting bug. Since then, he has spent many happy (and quite a few unhappy) hours out exploring the bush, tops..
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