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The book explores reptiles living in a wide range of habitats. Reptiles come in all shapes and sizes, They include crocodiles, snakes, lizards, turtles, and tortoises. All regularly shed the outer layer of their skin. Reptiles can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Many turtles live in t..
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World's Most Endangered offers a fascinating facts and mind-blowing information on some of the world's rarest creatures. It focuses on 25 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians which are classified as Critically Endangered by the WWF and IUCN. Each account begins with stunning photograph..
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This book has been designed for the purpose of providing an extensive range of adult X-rated cocktails. Each recipe is provided with clear and uncomplicated directions, ensuring that anybody who has never had the experience of creating a cocktail will be able to do so with ease. From Sex on the Beac..
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You Know You're Old When ... is a gift book / cards that have quirky fun quotes that will make you laugh out loud when you are reminded of how things don't quite happen like they use to !Getting old is not for the weak, and this fun book brings out the funny ways our lives change as we get older.Gol..
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A MANifesto for Millennials. Not that it's ever been easy, but finding romance in the electronic age is even tougher. This instructional guidebook for young men is all about treating women honourably. This is so rare these days that young men who eschew the booty text and actually call and talk to g..
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Sharks are the kings of the ocean, sometimes feared, occasionally loved, and always a subject of intrigue for children and adults alike. A-Z of Sharks and Rays, the latest addition to the popular Young Reed series, addresses the topic of the sharks and rays of the deep blue in a way that is both edu..
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How much money do you have in your piggy bank? Have you ever used an automatic teller machine? How are coins made? Which country uses giant, heavy stones as currency? In Young Reed's Currencies of the World find out where money comes from, how it is used, what the word 'economy' means, how you can ..
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Exploring Shipwrecks is a fascinating new book for young readers with a passion to explore the depths of the oceans, but without getting wet. Full of fascinating facts and figures, Exploring Shipwrecks takes the young reader on a journey of discovery, submerging into the mysterious world of ships lo..
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This book is all about money. What is it about some cities that make them memorable? These are the cities that have great variety or have something special that no other city has. From the hustle and bustle of New York, where the world meets, to the living history of London, the combination of the o..
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