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Anyone with a little extra cash and a plane ticket can take a grand tour of Europe. But a tour of the Solar System? Now that's an experience deserving the word grand. Introducing the new edition of the book praised as "spectacular" by "The Times". The colourful and imaginative paintings steal the sh..
Model: 9780761107675
Celebrations and appreciations, wry appraisals, family secrets, observations and loving thanks...
Model: 9781563053160
With over one million copies sold through 33 printings, Grandmother Remembers by Judith Levy and Judy Pelikan is the perennial bestseller. Now designed and illustrated to be its companion piece is the Grandmother Remembers Songbook, Here is a musical heirloom of 40 classic songs such as Frere Jacque..
Model: 9781523501052
Here's how to be the coolest grandparent on the block-and get your grandkids to look up from their phones or tablets and actually interact with you. Written by a professional magician who knows that everyone, no matter how young or old, is craving something real, something live, something special, G..
Model: 9781563057281
The acclaimed author of the international bestsellers In and Out of the Garden and Sara Midda's South of France turns her genius to the universally shared emotions, charms, and mysteries of childhood. Each page of "Growing Up and Other Vices" is a book unto itself. Whimsical little figures illustrat..
Model: 9780761105947
A delightfully silly, good-natured parody of the recording phenomenon Chant and other works that put Gregorian music on the charts, Grunt is a book and CD set that combines Sandra Boynton's inimitable way with farm animals and a satirical sense that comes deliciously out of left barn. In a far-off v..
Stock: 24 Model: 9781523507726
Celebrate the significance, the magic, and the mojo of the world's most seductive instrument. An obsessive, full-color book presented in an irresistible slipcase, Guitar features 200 instruments in stunning detail. Here are icons, like Prince's Yellow Cloud, Willie Nelson's "Trigger," Muddy Water'..
Stock: 1 Model: 9780761138006
Here are guitars that made history, that changed the course of music, that inspired new generations of players and listeners. Here are milestones in the guitar's search for its true self - Torres' classical, the amazing Gibson L-5 - and experiments that ushered in a new world of sound - Rickenbacker..
Stock: 9 Model: 9780761123774
The only thing women love more than their shoes is their handbag. Same winning format, same obsessive style as the best-selling title Shoes. Handbags provides a visual feast of design luxury, elegance and witty novelty through over 900 full colour photographs and illustrations, and lively text. Anna..
Model: 9780761107323
"Composting" begins with the least-maintenance method--pile up dead leaves and grass trimmings in a corner of the yard and let nature do its work--and graduates to those methods that require more involvement but also yield greater and faster results. It covers materials suitable for compost; how to ..
Model: 9780761117780
In "The Hands-On Gardener: Water," Susan McClure, author of Smith & Hawken "Seeds and Propagation," clears up one of the most common yet mystifying problems gardeners face--the right way to deliver the right amount of water to the right plant at the right time. Rooted in the belief that good gardeni..
Model: 9781563057311
Colorful, chunky, irresistible, a book that's as much fun as a toy. Peter Lippman's 2.2-million-copy-bestselling Mini-House series is a hit with kids and adults alike. You pick one up. You hold it. You turn it around. You peer inside the windows, and then you pop the latch, opening the door to the s..
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