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Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523509157
A joyful year of language for word nerds, crossword and Scrabble buffs, and vocabulary builders of all ages. Enhance your next colloquy (conversation, dialogue) with a cavalcade (a dramatic sequence or procession: series) of new words to use in daily life. A bestselling, 365 New Words-A-Year belong..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523509355
Awww, what is it about a puppy? Maybe the paws that are too big for its body. Or those soft, floppy ears and shiny black noses. Perhaps the expressions that we imagine say "Pet me," "Play with me," and "Be my friend--please?" Starring the lovably goofy winners of the annual Puppy Calendar Contest,..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523509980
365 quotes from artists, writers, comedians, philosophers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and beyond. Packed with smart and insightful quotes curated by Ross and Kathryn Petras, 365 Smartest Things Ever Said! will inspire, motivate, and expand your mind. Ponder wise words from James Baldwin: Not everyt..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523508358
A fresh year of idiotic utterances from celebrities, politicians, and athletes That's right, it's back, the calendar that delivers a year of utterly inane utterances, tweets, headlines, signs, and commentary that will have you shaking your head--and laughing out loud. Amazing insight: Air is beaut..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523509089
The hilarious and poignant calendar that hits home with anyone of a certain age. Packed with quotes, jokes, factoids, and anecdotes, 389* Unforgettable Senior Moments is a tribute to all that the golden years bring--the good, the bad, the probably forgotten. Wise words: The secret of staying young ..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523509805
First things first--alpacas are not llamas. Alpacas are alpacas. Boasting compulsively Instagrammable cuteness, fun (they can run an obstacle course and even learn to play catch), Alpacas are experiencing a wave of popularity in the US. Alpacas celebrates these distinctive camelids with a year of e..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523508884
A museum for your desktop. Imagine a private tour of a world-class art collection, with hundreds of curated masterworks to appreciate and linger over. And with each work--from the worlds of painting, sculpture, musical instruments, graphic design, photography--beautifully and meticulously reproduce..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523508945
Adapted from the #1 New York Times bestselling book and hugely popular website. Atlas Obscura is a calendar for travelers, adventurers, and lovers of the offbeat and one-of-a-kind. On each page is a fascinating world phenomenon: a natural curiosity, man-made marvel, or delightfully quirky regional e..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523508990
A fantastic gift for nature lovers and America's 51 million birdwatchers. Audubon Birds is backed by the avian authorities at the National Audubon Society. Every day is a sighting--photographed in brilliant full color--straight from the passionate birder's bucket list. A tiny but colorful Band-taile..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523508709
From the National Audubon Society, Birds in the Garden celebrates the backyard birds that are a joy to see and hear. It's like glancing out the window and spotting a jewel-like songbird flitting through the garden or alighting on a flower. Like a pair of Eurasian Nuthatches resting on mushroom caps..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523508693
Every week, enjoy a welcome reminder to celebrate the earth's natural beauty. Combining a practical week-at-a-glance write-in grid with spectacular nature photography, the Audubon Engagement Calendar captures both awe-inspiring wonders and pristine scenes of quiet beauty. Raindrops cling to the bri..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523509065
A year's worth of little owls beautifully photographed in their natural habitats, all in full color. With their round eyes, distinctive hooting calls, and inscrutable expressions, owls emanate wisdom and mystique. They are also insanely adorable--especially the little ones, showcased in the cute-en..
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