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Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523509065
A year's worth of little owls beautifully photographed in their natural habitats, all in full color. With their round eyes, distinctive hooting calls, and inscrutable expressions, owls emanate wisdom and mystique. They are also insanely adorable--especially the little ones, showcased in the cute-en..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523508686
The glory of the natural world paired with the sumptuous photography that distinguishes the gallery calendar format. Here are flora, fauna, and phenomena from all corners of planet Earth, exquisitely captured by the world's best nature photographers. Waterfalls cascade over tree-studded cliffs in ..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523508907
From Audubon, this calendar offers America's 51 million birders the thrill of an up close sighting every day--no binoculars required. A group of Snow Buntings announcing winter with their arrival. A Verdin perched on a prickly cactus. A Great Kiskadee, wings fanned out for landing. A Yellow Warbler..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523508891
The little calendar that celebrates the little birds that brighten every day. From the avian experts at the National Audubon Society, here is a celebration of little birds and their vibrant plumage and distinctive chirps, trills, warbles, and songs. A red Northern Cardinal splashing in a puddle. A ..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523510382
Truly awww-inspiring--a tiny calendar full of itty-bitty baby bunnies! For animal lovers and people who can't get enough cute in their lives, the brand-new Baby Buns delivers an irresistible year of wriggly noses, long ears (of the pointy and floppy varieties), adorably beady eyes, soft fur, and bu..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523508341
Brash and funny, packed with day after day of off-kilter kitties. This is the calendar that makes cat lovers question their sanity. Why? Here are cats in inappropriate relationships. Cats with delusions of grandeur. Cats celebrating St. Patrick's Day early. Cats not-very-discreetly hanging out on t..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523508587
13 all-new paintings from the fantasy masters, featuring reptilian beasts, otherworldly landscapes, and sensual warrior queens. From the husband-and-wife team of Boris Vallejo (America's premier fantasy artist) and Julie Bell (international award-winning fantasy and wildlife artist), this perennial..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523510252
A 17-Month wall planner to keep track of your life--and your cat's! Fun, function, and attitude, all in one! It's the perfect marriage of practical and cute--and a lively tribute to the special relationship between a woman and her cat(s). Cat Mom features monthly grids with plenty of room for all y..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523508921
A loving visual tribute to our most enchanting (and frisky) animal companions. The beauty, the grace, the uniquely mischievous spirit of the cat, captured in a year of breathtaking color and black-and-white photographs. Here are beguiling images of aristocratic Russian Blues, lithe, golden Bengals,..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523509904
Cats on Catnip showcases what happens when normally aloof and dignified felines get into the good stuff. It's back! From photographer Andrew Marttila, the laugh-out-loud calendar based on the beloved book and Instagram account that "capture the euphoric expressions of kitties high on catnip--and th..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523508914
A showcase of exceptional teapots artfully arranged in stunning teatime settings. Take a break, gather around the table, and refresh your body and spirit with delectable treats, hot tea, and beloved ritual. A delightful celebration of all the pleasures of teatime, The Collectible Teapot & Tea Calen..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523511198
Celebrate the ever-fascinating, ever-pleasing world of color. For color fanatics, art lovers, designers, artists, and any person who loves bold and vivacious color, Colorcrush is a brand-new calendar that makes a powerful visual and emotional impact with every glance. Each month focuses on a differ..
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