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Model: 9780761143116
A sleep researcher with a Ph. D. in neuroscience, Dr. Polly Moore has created a simple, foolproof method based on the basic human rest and activity cycle (BRAC), which occurs every hour and a half. According to the BRAC, baby should go back for a nap a mere 90 minutes after waking up - that's right:..
Model: 9780761172352
These 97 games, sight gags, playful tricks, and practical jokes require no special talent, use just the simplest household items as props, and actually work. Babies will be entertained - and adult readers will rediscover the joy of surrendering to sheer silliness. Get baby giggling with the Exaggera..
Model: 9780761182160
Contrary to their regal reputation, when treated right, even the most aloof cats can become putty in your hands. Crinkle newspaper loudly, scrunch into a ball, and toss it across the room. Let the sunshine in so Kitty has a bright, sunny spot where she can bask. A cat's hearing is super sensitive, m..
Model: 9780761129035
It really works! Lower Ear Noogies. The Thumper. Lazy Man's Tetherball. Bobbing for Treats. The Hansel and Gretel: for an afternoon of fun, scamper about the house leaving a trail of plain popped popcorn in your wake. 97 Ways to Make a Dog Smile is a gift of pure pleasure for dogs and the owners wh..
Model: 9780761184485
News for dogs and dog lovers to smile about: The irresistible bestseller is now even more irresistible with a 4-by-6-inch "chunky" format. As quirky, colorful, and giftable as ever, 97 Ways to Make a Dog Smile is now fresher and more appealing. Developed by Jenny Langbehn, a veterinary nurse who has..
Model: 9780761128052
Attention adults. Announcing a new book - a very personal book, in fact a decidedly quirky book - from Sara Midda, renowned artist of singular talent and author of IN AND OUT OF THE GARDEN, SARA MIDDA'S BABY BOOK, GROWING UP AND OTHER VICES, together with more than 500,000 copies in print. Beguiling..
Stock: 1 Model: 9780761193302
Who says A has to be for apple? That B means ball? And that C automatically stands for cat? Way too many kids' alphabet books, that's who. But not the one by Sandy Boynton. Says Sandy, "All language is new to babies, so why not introduce them to a mor..
Model: 9780894805073
A bright book containing colorful drawings and energetic, fun graphics...Here is joy for kids little, medium, nearly nine and older...People that quickly read it six times understand very well the excitement of youthful zaniness...
Model: 9780761109471
At first glance it's an adorable little doghouse, with doors and windows in which you'll find cute doggies and puppies peering back out. But as children will be delighted to discover, when you open the latch the doghouse unfolds into an innovative board book, wonderful to handle and look at, and won..
Model: 9780761193562
Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about cats comes the ultimate-and unexpected-guide to taking your cat into the wild. Here are cats walking on a leash. Cats hiking on a leash. Cats tramping through snow. Cats camping. Cats kayaking, canoeing, even surfing-yes, cats who love water..
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